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August 18, 2007


Now that Mike Vick looks dead in the water, you wonder what Deion Sanders thinks now. Deion had Vick’s back months ago. Deion went as far as defending Vick and the culture of dogfighting in the Ft. Myers News Press. 

Here are some of the highlights:

Deion talked about the money Vick will lose:

He could lose millions worth of endorsements. Nike has already suspended the release of his new shoe. He could lose millions he was supposed to get from the Atlanta Falcons, if the club decides to cut him. That’s unlikely, but it could happen if he’s convicted or makes a plea arrangement. Or his reputation might wind up so stained that he’s never forgiven in the court of public opinion. That would be too bad for the 27-year-old superstar.”

This is my favorite. Deion explains Vick has a different love of dogs than you and I:

“What a dog means to Vick might be a lot different than what he means to you or I. Hold on, don’t start shaking your head just yet. Listen to me. Some people kiss their dogs on the mouth. Some people let their dogs eat from their plate. Some people dress their dogs in suits more expensive than mine, if you can believe that. And some people enjoy proving they have the biggest, toughest dog on the street. You’re probably not going to believe this, but I bet Vick loves the dogs that were the biggest and the baddest. Maybe, he identified with them in some way.”

Deion said look for the real criminal in this case. Maybe Vick is being victimized and a small player.

Why are we indicting him? Was he the ringleader? Is he the big fish? Or is there someone else? The fights allegedly occurred at a property that he purchased for a family member. They apparently found carcasses on the property, but I must ask you again, is he the ringleader?

Have you ever seen this story? When the story came out, the NFL Network flipped out. Normally, the network will give the column pub but they tried to bury this ASAP.

Deion should’ve said, Must be the Money


August 18, 2007


I’ll admit my objectivity may be in question on ESPN and their coverage of the NFL. I believe ESPN drags its feet in covering the NFL’s negative stories.

They were slow to cover the Pacman Jones case and really didn’t jump into the fray on the Vick story until a few weeks after it broke. And when it did so, “NFL Insiders” Len Pasquarelli and Chris Mortensen were nowhere to be found. Kelly Naqi was the bulldog on the story and she did a great job.

Hell, Mortensen went as far as releasing his big scoop, “Vick likely to not be indicted.” That came days before the indictment was handed down. Who was his source on this one? The NFL or Vick’s agent?

Listen below. This was Trey Wingo on NFL Live sounding very melancholy about the Vick situation. The tone doesn’t have to be celebratory but it’s a little offensive to present Vick as a poor soul in this case.

Thanks to ESPN for the audio.


August 17, 2007

I’ll never understand ESPN’s affinity for this guy. He is completely miscast on MNF. He let Theisman ramble on last year and it was obvious he had no confidence in his ability to talk football.

Tony, we’re not asking you to breakdown the game…but jesus, how about a little critical analysis. It’s like the guy has never watched a game before. He’s the master of the obvious in this clip below from the KC-MIA game on Thursday.

I understand everything he says isn’t going to be a gem but come on.

Thanks to ESPN for the audio.


Great emailers on radio and Cofield talks Imus mess

August 16, 2007


I give Esiason and Carton 18 months and they will be history.  CBS and WFAN will be ringing their hands and saying, “What have we done”.  “We use to get $1500.00 per minute for a commercial spot, and now we almost have to beg people to advertise”.Well that about sums up what is going to happen at the CBS Flagship Radio station WFAN.  Moonves should be sent to Siberia with Katie Couric, and bring MSNBC’s  Steve Capus with them to eat (Cannibal style).

Whoa is me who made a bad management decision… Too bad dog breath…You made your bed and now your going to sleep in it.



The next time Mike Greenberg says “We’re back and better than ever,” I am more inclined to believe him.  But, I’m not here to rip the most-listened to national sports-talk morning show. Can it be a little annoying when Greeny executes a scripted pre-promote every fifteen minutes that only the most numb-minded listener falls for and is intrigued enough to actually endure the grating and over-inflected voice of Colin Cowherd pimping the “VIZ-E-OH” flat screen.   Congratulations Colin on owning one yourself.  I have a TV too, I guess we’re both special. 


Greeny is a bigger tease than the cheerleader I took to Senior Prom.  Do I sometimes get frustrated when Golic begins five consecutive sentences with the phrase “And again…,” even though they are discussing a brand new topic?   Sure, I do.  Example “Hey Golic, I know we’ve never spoken about the true cause of the Hindenburg disaster, but do you think it was a faulty design or pilot error?” Golic’s response, “And again Greeny….”


By the way, do you know that Golic was a player and never a fan?  I’m not sure if you caught that one of the 10000x times he’s mentioned that. Golic uses more “crutches” than J.D. Drew.


And again, I’m not here to rip Mike and Mike, just their fill-ins. Today’s dynamic duo, Josh Elliott and Michael Smith, provided scintillating debate on the hot topic of the day. Mr. Elliott tried to make a point that he has difficulty watching any sports event now without at least the thought of steroids or performance-enhancing drugs crossing his mind; which includes the PGA Championship and Tiger Woods.   This is an interesting point, one I personally find worthy of discussion.  Apparently, Mr. Smith didn’t agree.


Smith’s rebuttal consisted of his belief that this couldn’t possibly be an issue because golf is “a gentleman’s game.”   He cited examples of golfers reporting their own infractions, being disqualified for not signing scorecards and just an overall good guy approach to the sport. 

Therefore, no golfer could ever take performance-enhancing drugs.


This argument is as impressive as Jean Van de Velde‘s performance at the ’99 British Open.


It makes me want to take a Sammy Sosa corked baseball bat to the Michelin in-box.




August 15, 2007


For a company that was freaking out four months ago about Don Imus’ offensive speech, Craig Carton seems to be a strange choice.

Unless CBS Radio has done a complete 180 and really is committed to developing top notch shows that walk the edge.

Carton moves over from a successful stint doing afternoon drive at N.J. 101.5.

A New York native, he did a show called “the Jersey Guys” with Ray Rossi. Carton is a master of ruffling feathers. He had more than his fair share of controversy.

In January 2005, Governor Rich Codey, nearly kicked his ass. Carton angered Codey by making fun of his wife’s bout with depression. Mary Jo had a well publicized bout with postpartum depression. During the first year of motherhood, she had thoughts of putting the baby in the microwave.

Here’s the news report if you didn’t hear about the story.

A few months later, Carton infuriated New Jersey’s huge Asian community by saying that foreigners should not be allowed to dictate the outcome of an “American election.” 

Here’s the bit that fired up many N.J. Asians


In April of 2005,  coalition of religious, ethnic and gay community leaders came together today to condemn NJ 101.5 Radio afternoon shock jocks Craig Carton and Ray Rossi, “the Jersey Guys,” for what they say are ethnic slurs, anti-gay comments and religious hate.

In 2007, Carton attacked illegal immigration and started “Operation Rat a Rat/La Cucha Gotcha.” A play on La Cucaracha. Carton pushed listeners to rat out neighbors, friends and “anyone suspicious” to immigration authorities.

New Jersey Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo described Carton as “a guy who’s managed to insult almost every community around.”

Carton responded by calling Assemblyman Caraballo a “pathetic liar.” Carton reiterated his demand to deport every illegal immigrant in the country. “If you’re here illegally, you are breaking the law – no better, no worse than the guy who robs the liquor store or the guy who waits to case your house out and robs you of your belongings,” he said. “You are a criminal.”

Carton’s most famous recent run-in was with the N.J. State Police. Police union head Davy Jones got so angry that he held up Carton’s personal info (home address, etc) in full view of TV cameras during a news conference. Carton told the listening audience there would be a traffic violation ticket blitz sometime soon around the state. He found this out from a secret police message board.

Listeners loved or hated the guy. Check out this story from an N.J. blogger. 

He did his job well in N.J. Now let’s see if CBS let’s him do his schtick.  


August 15, 2007

imus.jpg carton.jpg

Things never change in this business. Radio management types change their tune hour-by-hour. Completely spineless.

We had to endure a month-long firestorm over Don Imus and his comments. Four months later, the next chapter has Imus really learning a valuable lesson, right?

CBS Radio is now going to pay Imus a boatload of cash in a breach of contract settlement AND he’ll soon get a job competing against CBS Radio.

Who are the geniuses who orchestrated this one back in April? Do they still have their jobs?  

This from the N.Y. Daily News:

Don Imus has reached a settlement with CBS over his multimillion-dollar contract and is in negotiations with WABC radio to resume his broadcasting career there, according to CBS and a person familiar with the negotiations.

Imus and CBS Radio “have mutually agreed to settle claims that each had against the other regarding the Imus radio program on CBS,” that network and Imus attorney Martin Garbus said in a joint statement Tuesday.

The terms of the settlement will not be disclosed, according to the statement.

The settlement pre-empts the dismissed DJ’s threatened $120 million breach-of-contract lawsuit.

CBS and Garbus confirmed only that the settlement had been reached. The person familiar with the talks told The Associated Press that Imus is taking steps to make a comeback with WABC. That person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the details had not been announced, also said the deal with CBS calls for a “non-disparaging” agreement that forbids the parties from speaking negatively about each other.

As if that weren’t funny enough, now WFAN/CBS has filled Imus’ chair with a younger more offensive version, Craig Carton.

It’s actually a brilliant choice. Unlike ESPNRadio, who will likely fill the Dan Patrick slot, with TV guys, CBS is bringing in a true radio guy.

Carton, 38, has hosted all over the country, mostly sports-talk radio. He had local stops in Denver (KKFN), Cleveland (WWWE), New York (WNEW) and Philadelphia (WIP).

His Philly experience ended early after he made a false on-air claim on February 28, 1997, that Flyer Eric Lindros missed a game because he was hungover from a drinking binge the previous night. Carton then alleged that the Flyers had lied to cover up Lindros’ behavior by claiming that he had been unable to play due to a sore back. Days later, on March 5, 1997, the Flyers filed a libel suit against WIP-AM and its parent corporation. He was fired and WIP/Infinity chose not to fight the Flyers’ libel claim. They agreed to an on-air apology and paid an undisclosed amount of money as compensation. He also left Denver on bad terms. His morning show attempt flopped but he explained why in a recent Mile High City interview with KHOW:

“Tim Spence is the worst program director in the world”, referring to his awful experience at KKFN.

A Denver radio mole said, “Spencer hires Carton to do what he does. Carton does it, pisses some people off. Spence then realizes there are consequences and runs Carton out of town.”

Carton also did national sports-talk for CBSSportsline/SportsFan Radio Network in the late 90’s. He filled morning, mid-morning block along with Scott Kaplan (XX Radio San Diego), Sid Rosenberg (The Ticket in Miami) and C.J. Silas (formerly of FoxSportsRadio).

That block of shows failed in roughly 18 months because of poor management with SFRN affiliate relations.

“The (affiliate relations department) guys were so stupid,” said The Sports Pig (Mike Responts), a Las Vegas-based sports talk host. Responts worked for SFRN in the late 90’s. “They constantly said the SportsLine guys couldn’t be sold. We all thoughtit was ridiculous. We all knew those guys were good. It’s funny all three (Carton, Rosenberg & Kaplan) have all had all stints in New York since then. And now Carton is the lead guy in Imus’ old slot.”  

“These affiliate guys were so inept. The west coast affiliate guy, I think it was Chuck Pershing, based out of the NYC office. He made a deal to leave early each day because his daughter went to a private school in Connecticut. He went in at 6a ET and was off at Noon ET. There wasn’t a day of the year that SOB was in after 9a PT!! That was our west coast affiliate guy! And he had no voicemail!!” 

I worked for SFRN as well at that time. I was actually in the NYC office. I’ll never forget an affiliate dipshit Vin, telling me, “The guys (Kaplan, Carton and Rosenberg) just aren’t that good.”

I remember that conversation every time I see one of those three guys take another big step in their career. Maybe Vin was right, they just weren’t that good back then!!

I always wonder when I hear sales and affiliate relations people badmouth the talent they’re trying to pitch, are they losers or stupid? Why would you sell a product you don’t believe in?

Unfortunately, in this biz there’s one common thread on the administrative side, everyone is a Program Director in waiting.

Congrats to the SFRN affiliate department folks and KKFN PD Tim Spence on their keen eye for talent.    


August 14, 2007


Cofield’s weekly TV/Radio notebook

Sports-talk listeners and programmers will have a few more listening options come September.

Dan Patrick should make his return to network radio around September 13. He’s now working with a Chicago company, the Content Factory. CF is working on syndication deals. Rumors have Westwood One and Sporting News Radio as the lead candidates to land Patrick and his new show. Patrick’s brother Bill is SNR’s program director

The Houston Chronicle broke the new yesterday that Patrick’s show, formerly filling the Noon-3p ET slot will move earlier in the day to 9a-Noon ET.

 According to David Barron:

The company picked the 8-11 a.m. CT slot to avoid head-to-head competition with the syndicated Jim Rome Show, to give East Coast stations another option in late morning, and to give West Coast stations a familiar name to boost ratings in morning drive time.

The only hitch for Sporting News Radio is that their flagship program, The Tony Bruno Show, currently fills the same time. Once he finds a home, how will they affiliate the Patrick Show?

We’re hearing ESPNRadio will attempt to restrict all affiliates from adding Patrick and covering up it’s network programming. Clear Channel/Premiere/FoxSportsRadio has always employed an aggressive stance against affiliates mixing and matching shows. More than a few programmers have heard the riot act from FoxSportsRadio affiliate head Kurt Kretzschmar when they’ve attempted to mix in other programs.

In Las Vegas, Lotus Broadcasting owns both the ESPN (ESPNRadio920) and FOX (FoxSportsRadio1460) affiliates. It’s hard to see Patrick finding a home on either of the market’s two biggest stations.


If you recall, The Fabulous Sports Babe bolted from ESPNRadio back in 2000, and had a very difficult time finding affiliates at her new home SportsFan Radio Network. Without a huge phone call load, Babe generally did 5-6 guests per three hour show.

She did have one advantage, Patrick may not. Babe was still able to use many of the “insiders” from ESPN. ESPN now has a policy restricting their TV, magazine and .com insiders from appearing on non-ESPNRadio stations.

How loyal are Patrick’s staple ESPN guests/insiders? .

Listen below. Here is Mike Francesa from WFAN in New York telling ESPN head honcho John Walsh that the policy is stupid and counterproductive.


We also have to see if programmers even want the Patrick Show. Was it carried out of necessity to fulfill ESPN’s demands or do program directors believe he does a great show?

And will listeners demand they get their Patrick?

 This from Barron:

A straw poll on the station’s Web site as of Sunday afternoon indicated 41 percent of respondents prefer sticking with ESPN and 32 percent want another local show.Twenty percent, meanwhile, want KFNC to pick up the new Dan Patrick Show.


There was some talk of the Patrick Show including personalities like Keith Olbermann, Rick Reilly, Reggie Miller and Michael Irvin. Irvin may be out of the mix before Patrick is back on the air. He’s been speaking with FoxSportsRadio and did an extended stint this weekend. If he is part of the FSR/Premiere lineup, where would he fit in? Jim Rome and J.T. the Brick are locked in. Beyond that, it’s up for grabs. The logical slot would be Noon-3 ET where FSR currently replays Steve Czaban’s morning show.

I thought Irvin’s weekly spot with Patrick each week was one of the best spots on national radio. The conversation was always argumentative. Irvin is combative in nature and generally has the back of athletes in controversial situations. But he’s also a loose cannon. Is FSR ready to take the heat when Irvin sticks his foot in his mouth as he did more than a few times with ESPN? I’d would also question Irvin’s commitment to his own daily radio show. Doing a weekly radio spot and TV is a little different from coming in five days a week and consistently delivering compelling topics. Assuming Irvin has a sidekick, chemistry could also be an issue. Irvin is hoping to do the show from his home according to the Dallas Morning News:

Irvin hopes his radio show would emanate from a studio in Frisco. He could watch his children play sports on the weekends. Frankly, he said, “the road sometimes offers too many temptations.” On the practical side, Irvin believes there is as much money to be made in radio as there is in television. “Maybe more,” he said.“For me, this would be a win-win situation.”

Patrick always served as a strong force in battling Irvin. What in-house FSR candidate could stand Irvin’s heat?

1. Big Ben Maller (Is his skin thick enough to withstand Irvin mocking on his weight? “Big” Ben had more than a few off air wars with Bryan Cox)

2. Dan Moriarty (solid with his radio fundamentals)

3. Andrew Siciliano (Tough to see Irvin buying the 5-foot-5 Siciliano a legit sports expert)


Talking to industry moles, there may be a third player in the Patrick sweepstakes. Premiere Radio IS looking at Irvin but they may be also looking at Patrick. The buzz with some at Premiere is that a Patrick-Irvin pairing would be something the radio giant is very interested in. It also makes sense since Patrick’s people made sure there was no time slot conflict with their flagship program, Jim Rome. A Patrick-Rome block would more than compete with the Mike & Mike-Cowherd block on ESPNRadio.


This from the Miami Herald:

Jorge Sedano, 29, is expected to leave his job as WIOD’s Heat host to join 790 The Ticket to anchor a three-hour talk show, either preceding Jon Sciambi or following him.

Sedano, who attended Miami Pace High and FIU, said he will remain Fox Sports Radio’s overnight host (2 a.m. to 6 a.m.) for a few more weeks, but then will give up that job and do fill-in work for Fox Radio.

Stephen A. is THE baseball insider on the Red Sox-Yanks in 07

August 13, 2007


Stephen A. declared the Yankees dead in the water with the Gagne move. Above he’s seen laughing at NYY and the Boston fans celebrate. Listen to the audio bloviating below.  

The man has the magic touch. Never has there been something who delivers his opinions with so little fact and so much bluster. All that style over substance eventually comes back to haunt you.

Stephen A. declared…”the bottomline is this… the Yanks have no shot!!”

Thanks to ESPNRadio, WCBS & WRKO.


August 11, 2007


Vegas is hosting the National Association of Black Journalists Convention. The heavy hitters from politics, Hollywood and the media are here discussing the important topics in the black community.

We wanted the sports take, so we turned to Freeman.

Does the lack of diversity amongst the sports media, affect coverage of black athletes?

Some of Mike’s comments included:

“The main problem is there aren’t enough people of color in management. Is there some concerted effort to keep people of color away from job? No. But a lot of people are comfortable with people like them. No matter how much this country has changed we’re still very much a segregated society.”

“Black athletes I’ve spoken to sort of believe white reporters/columnist don’t see things from their perspective. They do tend at times to trust black reporters more. To me that has always been a bogus argument. I’ve been able to get along with white athletes just as well as black athletes.”

“Blacks look at the government going after Bonds, going after Mike Vick….if you polled most blacks they have a historical distrust of the government. The Michael Vick case is fascinating when you see polls, many African-Americans feel he’s being mistreated while most whites say he’s being treated as he should be.”

Listen below to the two-part interview

Part 1 –

Part 2-


August 11, 2007


We can’t put words in Buck’s mouth but this exchange with female sideline reporter Pam Oliver came off as completely condescending. He either has a problem with the position of sideline reporter or women in sports.

It reflects a culture in the sports media that promotes bashing female co-horts and blocks the industry from getting more diverse.

Kudos to the blog, Awful Announcing for loading this video.

Pam Oliver with Tony Romo



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