The Vegas bashing is in full swing with the NBA ref scandal.  


It’s amazing, between the antiquated media and the cheat politicians, how Las Vegas takes a beating anytime the subject of illegal gambling comes up. The Tim Donaghy scandal now has a slew of lazy/uninformed columnists writing the same old story…”betting scandal = bad for Vegas.”

Ken Berger, Newsday:

Here is the first thing Stern must do: Wipe Las Vegas off the NBA map for good.That’s right, Kobe Bryant, who called the allegations against Donaghy “very unfortunate.” Imagine how hard it would be for the players to swallow this pill: No more Vegas junkets for summer league, the All-Star Game, Team USA training camps and qualifying tournaments.

In light of this investigation, it would simply be hypocritical for the NBA to keep its summer home in the mecca of legal sports betting.” 

Fellas. Let’s explain it for 1000th time. Legalization and regulation of sports betting prevents these types of scandals. It doesn’t pave the way for the Donaghy’s of the world. What does, is you and the unenlightened politicians, who spread inaccuries & fear about sports betting.


There is no way any attempt to fix a game could be executed in Las Vegas. MGM-Mirage, Harrah’s, Boyd, Stations, etc. run Las Vegas not the Gambino Crime Family! Remember it’s New Jersey, where the crooked politicians continually vote down legalized sports gambling, that keeps popping up in these illegal gambling stories. You can’t bet over $3000 at any sports book in Nevada without showing ID.

 Try getting down 50-100k at 17 stops on any given day before a game. The books are all linked and better yet if someone was winning consistently, the action wouldn’t be taken anymore. Ask the biggest winners in Vegas, they’re banned from nearly every book in town. You can use all the runners you want, it ain’t gonna work.  

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  1. sports fixing is shameful but theres so much money involved it will always take place. theres a big scandal at the minute in the uk with horse racing with a jockey slowing down to lose races! its a shame because it spoils it for the lawful gamers and fans!

  2. Excellent point there. Legalisation and Regulation is key to the control and irradication of these problems.

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