Paulie Howard

The local media finally latched onto what AP’s Brian Mahoney, Ny Times’ Alan Schwarz and ESPN anchor Mike Kim recalled days ago….that ESPN920’s Paul Howard called out David Stern on game fixing back at the All-Star game in February.

Las Vegas Review Journal columnist Ed Graney pointed it out today:

Paul Howard is a local sports talk radio host for KBAD-AM (920) known to many as “New York Paulie.”

Today, another moniker fits: Nostradamus.

It was Howard who hours before the NBA All-Star Game here in February opened a news conference with David Stern by inquiring of the commissioner his concerns about gambling as it relates to Las Vegas housing a team, whether Stern was more worried about fans betting on games or the potential of a points-shaving scandal.

It’s a wonder how RJ tv/radio columnist Bill Taafe missed this one.

Actually it’s not.

His column consistently caters to the 60+ demo. Shockingly, he hasn’t written a single word the last few weeks about hot TV/radio topics like Vick (media coverage), the ouster of Dan Patrick (midday host on local Vegas affiliate ESPN920), Lotus Broadcasting’s 24-hour broadcast at the Palms featuring Colin Cowherd, JT the Brick, Al Bernstein, Floyd Mayweather, Emanuel Steward and Lon Kruger or the NBA’s constant snubbing of Las Vegas.

Taafe’s recent columns include rating the Wimbledon broadcast team, telling us ESPNRadio’s Mike and Mike are good and stating 57-year vet Vin Scully is solid.

In two weeks, Mr. Sunshine will begin doing Taafe’s job. Cofield will have a weekly media column targeting listeners under 100 years old.

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  1. Bill in Green Valley Says:

    Does this mean that Taafe and the new “Wise Guys” radio show is targeting the same demo?

    Just curious.

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