Mark Ratner, UFC VP


Ratner, the former Czar of boxing as the head of the Nevada Commission, speaks on many subjects. He talks about Team USA hoops, the NBA betting scandal and the NCAA’s approach to ref’s possibly gambling (Mark has been a college football official in past years). Mark also comments on the UFC’s approach to a recent rash of positive steroid tests. He then closes with site talk for upcoming UFC events. He states an outdoor Hawaii fight sounds completely out of the question.

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2 Comments on “Mark Ratner, UFC VP”

  1. Bill in Green Valley Says:

    As always, I enjoyed the interview with Mark. I liked the way he didn’t shy away from the steroid questions, and I also thought he had a unique perspective on the referee scandal that is now going on.

    I wonder if he knows that you are using the “Fast Times” reference at his expense. Nice job Steve. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  2. […] are some other organizations that have gone [into Chicago] for events,” Ratner said in a recent interview. “We refuse to go anywhere that isn’t regulated by the state athletic commission […]

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