Bob Arum explodes on Dana White, ripping the UFC for rampant steroid use


Arum went on a four minute diatribe about the UFC and steroid use saying, “I’m not a pharmacologist so I’m not qualified for the UFC. There’s more steroids and drugs in the UFC than the Tour de France. They’d better clean up their act. Because I don’t care if I am 110, it’s disgraceful to be involved in a so-called sport where every other athlete is using prohibited drugs.

And if he (Dana White doesn’t like it) then let him test the guys before they go into the match, not after, where 50-60% of the guys flunk a drug test”

Arum’s explosion lasted another … 3+ minutes. Finishing with his worry that Dana White may be on steriods.


This was in reaction to UFC president Dana White saying Arum is clueless and out of his demographic at 110-years old.

White, was reacting at UFC 73 in early July, to Arum…..who said there’s no diversity in UFC. Arum said the UFC fighters, “Are a bunch of wrestlers from the midwest who roll around on the ground. They would get destroyed by a boxer with 4 oz. gloves.”

Arum also said during that interview with Mr. Sunshine back at Madison Square Garden on June 8, “UFC has a monopoly. They pay their fighters just 10% of the money and market the fights with the other 90%.”

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8 Comments on “Bob Arum explodes on Dana White, ripping the UFC for rampant steroid use”

  1. […] I highly recommend you check out the entire audio on Steve’s excellent new blog by clicking here. […]

  2. boxingblows Says:

    this guy is a f…ing tool ,most boxers are thugs who would get the crap kicked out of them by any one in MMA including dana THEY FIGHT WITH PILLOWS TIED TO THEIR HANDS!

  3. MJC_123 Says:

    Dana White,
    Please, please, please sue Bob Arum for Libel.



  4. Iain Liddle Says:

    “50-60% is that a fact?”


    Actually, the answer you’re looking for is ‘No’. A fact is something that can be proved to be true. The above statement does not fall into that catergory.

  5. […] Bob Arum explodes on Dana White, ripping the UFC for rampant steroid use [image] [embed] Arum went on a four minute diatribe about the UFC an […]

  6. coaks Says:

    “You’re so wise. You’re like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.” – Anchorman

  7. […] hear the brief audio clip of Arum acting like an absolute buffoon check out and These guys are good friends of UFCmania so show them some support — […]

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