We love boxing and it pains us to see the sport get bashed all the time by the mainstream media who gave up on it a few years back. You know you have a problem when ESPN anchor John Buccigross consistently calls the supposed pound-for-pound champ Floyd Mayweather, “Merriweather,” as he did before the Oscar fight.

We cover a lot of UFC and it’s become habit on the net/radio/tv to pit the two sports against each other. That sucks. There’s room for both. I don’t know if we have the money to buy PPV’s for both, that’s a topic for another post, but there is room for both.

Boxing is clearly reacting to the PPV competition and lining some awesome fights to close out 2007. Fighters/promoters can’t afford to have the elite boxers taking 8-12 months off between fights.  

Check out the fight schedule for the rest of 2007. 

(*) Are the fights we will have live on-location coverage on both the FoxSportsRadio1460 Las Vegas show and Sporting News Radio Nat’l Show.

Please spread the word about our coverage. We’re the only show in the country that covers UFC in Vegas and on the road with live on-location shows. And we’re absolutely the only over-the-air radio show at all these big boxing AND UFC shows. Much of the boxing media has a real burr up it’s ass about UFC.

Make sure to participate when we throw out the phone number on these shows.

Check back often for pre-fight interviews on this blog.

*8/25 – UFC 74 in Vegas (shows 8/23-26)

9/8 – UFC 75 in England

*9/15 – Marquez-Barrios/Ouma-Mora in Vegas (shows 9/13 & 9/14) 

9/19 – Ultimate Fight Night 11 in Vegas (show 9/19) 

*9/22 – UFC 76 in Anaheim (shows 9/20-23)

9/29 – Kelly Pavlik – Jermain Taylor in Atlantic City 

*10/6 – Manny Pacquaio-M. A. Barrera in Vegas (shows 10/4-7 )

10/13 – Evander Holyfield -Sultan Ibragimov in Russia

*10/20 – UFC 77 in Cincinnati (shows 10/18-21)

11/3 – Joe Calzaghe – Mikkel Kessler in Wales

*11/10 – Miguel Cotto – Shane Mosley in NYC (shows 11/8-11)

*11/17 – UFC 78 in Newark, N.J. (shows 11/15-18) 

*12/8 – Ricky Hatton -Floyd Mayweather in Vegas (shows 12/6-9)

*12/29 – UFC 79 in Vegas (shows 12/27-30)

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