Anyone who has listened to the radio shows knows that I am an anal weirdo. I’m also very easily annoyed.

My co-workers think I’m some sort of freak for my approach to phone manners. I will not speak on a cell phone in front of anyone. I think it’s completely rude. Not the girlfriend, not the parents, not my co-hosts, not in front of listeners, not at the mall, not in the car with other passengers, NOWHERE!! I walk away or outside and find a quiet location. Or just call back later. It drives people nuts thinking I’m spilling some dirt about them when I walk away from them.

So, I’m sitting here checking the net, updating the blog at O’Hare. 

And what happens?

It’s time for some woman to plop down next to me and proceed on a 30 minute cell phone journey through her entire life with no concern about subject or volume.

Good thing I had the laptop and the computer. I missed the opportunity traveling back from the Final Four in Indy in April. Fellow radio talk show host, Colin Cowherd, pulled the same deal. Except his volume was 50x louder. And he also had 5000 seats in the 100×100 area to choose from but decided to sit three feet from me.

Did I get up? Of course not, I enjoy the torture.

I can’t remember his subject matter but this woman’s is still fresh on my mind. She talked about her trip to Canada and potentially giving up U.S. citizenship. She said she was tired 500x but not enough to cut off the 30 minute convo. Then she proceeded to rip her teenage niece a new one by calling her fat numerous times. I now know fatty wears a size 16 up from an 8 just a few months ago. This criticism coming from someone who wasn’t exactly one of the Olsen Twins. Oh, almost forgot…her phone/cable/internet is $129. Wonderful.

You get the point? Yeah, I’m a dick and rude…but I observe one area of politeness.

I’ve always hated Peter King for his travel log bitching and moaning but since I’m completely self-absorbed with a blog, I figured I’d do him one better with a stupid story AND some photographic evidence. 

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2 Comments on “OK, THIS IS WHAT THE BLOG IS FOR!!….PET PEEVE #173”

  1. lifebylisa Says:

    I’m with you on this one. Don’t know what happened to people, they must think they have the cloak of invisibility on. I hate talking on phones to begin with, and am a private sort, so I will walk a million miles to avoid anyone around me when I do have to speak on my phone. Great public service announcement.

  2. LoDoknows Says:

    I agree with everything you said, but I take it a step further than you Mr. Sunshine. Yes, it is absolutely rude to talk on a cell phone in front of anyone, and it’s even worse when you initiate a call right in front of their face. SO THAT’S EXACTLY WHY I DO IT! Nothing sends a stronger message of “I really have no interest in talking to you right now” than when you dial up right in front of them.
    I’m really looking forward to you taking a recorder with you on your next trip so you can pass along the entire conversation next time.

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