I was flabbergasted by the San Diego fans reaction to Bonds HR #755. They booed him throughout the series and even as he walked to the plate last night in the 2nd inning. Then he bangs #755 and it was an explosion of applause. Where’s the hatred, the disapproval of what you think he’s done? Or are the fans simply subscribing to the mob mentality.

What other city would react this way?

Cleveland? Chicago? Philly? Boston? New York? No way.

Several fans called in to today’s SNR show and said that the S.D. reaction would happen in any city. Really?

Let’s look back at his previous road homers as he crept toward 755. See if you agree with me, that SD is gutless while Cincy, Chicago and Boston stuck to their guns. 

 Barry Bonds Home Run 753 Wrigley Field

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  1. mike Says:

    i totally agree. dont be a hypacrite and boo him at every at bat then he ties its the claps start to come out.keep your convictions and if you hate him continue to.

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