We talked this weekend on Sporting News Radio about the unusual reaction by the Padres fans when Barry hit #755.

Terry Foster has jumped on the Barry bandwagon asking, “are fans really that outraged?” He bases his query on the fact that San Diego fans didn’t boo Bonds’ big home run. He neglected to mention the overwhelming booing before the home run and during every other at bats in the series. Check out this video from FoxSportsNet Bay Area. 


This is some of what Foster based his lack of Barry outrage theory on:

Did you see the cheers he got in San Diego when he tied the record? I hardly saw the outrage that was predicted by some of my media brothers and sisters. I have not seen huge protests or loud anti Bonds chants. 

I’m sticking to my guns on this one. San Diego is a completely passionless sports town. Their reaction was not based on class (as Padres TV announcer Matt Vasgersian stated multiple times), it was a lack of conviction. S.D. is leading the way in the new Short Attention Span America. We’re so dimwitted and the media can only stay on a story so long that anger quickly changes to apathy.

Look to the news for the best examples.

Immigration, the war in Iraq, gas prices and inactivity in Congress.  All issues heavily discussed for months and then they fade away from the average American’s radar.

It’s no different with Bonds.

Two books come out with plenty of evidence of his steroid use and his reputation around baseball. This on top of an admission in front of a grand jury that he used. Last week on Costas Now, BALCO lab rat Patrick Arnold said that he invented the Clear. He laid out the effects of it’s use and mentioned there’s no way anyone who was taking it could possibly NOT know what they were taking.

We now have an America where fans eventually turn on the coverage of the story. They grow tired of it and then start assuming there’s an agenda behind the coverage. In a way I can’t blame them with all the bipartisan news coverage from places like FoxNews, CNN, or the DailyKos.

The sports media isn’t so saavy. There may be some bigots amongst us and some league influence on coverage (look to the ESPN’s coverage of the NFL) but fact are facts. You can’t lie about or ignore what Bonds did.

If they are lying, the jig is up on those media members when we can go see for ourselves at Youtube and see the video evidence of fans’ anti-Bonds reaction in markets other than San Diego. You can’t deny the Padres fans outrage before the home run or the video below showing fans post-748 at a place like Fenway.

Bottomline, the Padres fans are too wishy-washy to stand behind an issue. And they certainly don’t reflect the views of most Americans.

Barry Bonds 748 at Fenway

More cheering or booing?

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