Another sign of our imminent demise

Baiji Dolphins, or Chinese River Dolphins, are now extinct.

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t care all that much about this development. There are plenty of animal species in the world, and we still have the much more cute and cuddly bottlenose variety of dolphin to look at during our frequent visits to Sea World in San Diego. However, this is the first large vertebrate of any kind to go extinct in like, 50 years. That can’t be a good sign and we can’t help but think that this Al Gore guy might be onto something. (Though, we can chalk this one up more to overfishing and development than global warming.)

To be honest, how many people actually knew this fresh water dolphin species existed. But, coupled with what our nation’s youth are up to, this could be a sign of bad things to come for our planet.

But, not as bad as this. A disturbingly high number of “Fire in the Hole” videos can be found on You Tube. What on earth does that mean? Well, let us explain. This is the act of loosening the lid on your newly-purchased drink in the drive-thru lane and dousing the defenseless worker with the liquid. In the interest of full disclosure, I have been watching video after video all night and I haven’t stopped laughing. But, can we find someone else to pick on for our entertainment. This is insane. The poor victims of this act struggle through awful shifts for barely enough money to purchase one of the beverages that these mostly rich, mostly white scumbags throw on them.

You Tube is pulling many of these videos off, so if it has been deleted, do not fear. There are hundreds more like it out there. While I have never been one to be disturbed by any kind of speech or humor, I find it hard to understand picking the weakest among us to target with our “pranks.” Let’s hope some of the drivers and passengers in these videos go the way of the Chinese River Dolphin.

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