We can’t put words in Buck’s mouth but this exchange with female sideline reporter Pam Oliver came off as completely condescending. He either has a problem with the position of sideline reporter or women in sports.

It reflects a culture in the sports media that promotes bashing female co-horts and blocks the industry from getting more diverse.

Kudos to the blog, Awful Announcing for loading this video.

Pam Oliver with Tony Romo


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2 Comments on “NICE JOB JOE BUCK”

  1. flyermart74 Says:

    Give me a break joe. Moss is what he is, but you acting like that was as bad as the 10 people who watched the old guy getting a beating for his car & did nothing to help him in detroit a few months ago is sad! Do your homework & find out the reason he did it. The fans do it to the opposing teams as they leave the stadium. Thats why I turn on the radio when I watch sports. Steve how’s the summer cooking going? Everybody bring some real food to the cookout, not just hotdogs!

  2. Bonnie Says:

    I saw both clips live on the air and the Moss thing was not offensive. I just don’t think Joe has much of a sense of humor. However, on the Pam Oliver thing…well, let’s face it, most sideline reporters are fluff, with women thrown in because of t&a. The b/f and I noticed that Oliver seemed to have had a boob job or something in the off-season. Or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. Not a thing to do if you wanna be taken seriously. She seemed to have been smiling and standing a lot closer to Romo than she did in her previous interview that night with the owner of the Cowboys. But hey, I could be wrong and Joe Buck *could* be a mysogynistic a**hole. As a fan of his, it really freaked me out to see his picture with a big circle/slash through it.

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