Vegas is hosting the National Association of Black Journalists Convention. The heavy hitters from politics, Hollywood and the media are here discussing the important topics in the black community.

We wanted the sports take, so we turned to Freeman.

Does the lack of diversity amongst the sports media, affect coverage of black athletes?

Some of Mike’s comments included:

“The main problem is there aren’t enough people of color in management. Is there some concerted effort to keep people of color away from job? No. But a lot of people are comfortable with people like them. No matter how much this country has changed we’re still very much a segregated society.”

“Black athletes I’ve spoken to sort of believe white reporters/columnist don’t see things from their perspective. They do tend at times to trust black reporters more. To me that has always been a bogus argument. I’ve been able to get along with white athletes just as well as black athletes.”

“Blacks look at the government going after Bonds, going after Mike Vick….if you polled most blacks they have a historical distrust of the government. The Michael Vick case is fascinating when you see polls, many African-Americans feel he’s being mistreated while most whites say he’s being treated as he should be.”

Listen below to the two-part interview

Part 1 –

Part 2-

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