Huh?!! Is there a translator in the house?

We realize this clip is a few days old, but we just watched it for about the 1000th time on the Faux News Channel and the question needs to be asked. What on earth is Bill Richardson talking about? Please leave your translations in the comments section. I will start with, “Um, well, yeah, um, okay, homina, homina, homina, d’oh, um, yeah.” It’s as good as I can do. Sorry, we at the Mr. Sunshine show don’t speak backpedalese.

If you don’t know the background, this clip comes from a debate sponsored by and aired on the Logo Network. Apparently, this is an all-gay channel found on some cable packages, though we are not sure which ones. One can only imagine what other programming they have, but back to the point at hand. This debate was supposed to be about gay issues. That is it! You have to figure you are going to get this question. How can you not be prepared for it? This is insane. It would be like going on ESPN to participate in a debate on the problems facing the sports world and not being ready for questions on Barry Bonds, corrupt refs, or Pacman Jones. This is supposed to be the most experienced of the crowded field of Democratic contenders. No wonder they lost the unlosable election of 2004. Bill, you are not going to win. Do us a favor and drop out now. There are too many candidates as it is.

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