WCW tag team Kronik, with partner Brian Clark 

The Tampa area medical examiner says results of Adam’s autopsy won’t be known for weeks. We still haven’t seen any reports on what we broke yesterday that Adams was rumored to be suffering from kidney failure. 

In a 2002 interview, Bryan Adams, revealed that he had trained with Benoit in Japan in 80’s and wasn’t the biggest Vince McMahon fan.

BRYAN ADAMS: My training was in Japan for a year with Antonio Inoki with New Japan at the same time as Chris Benoit. I’m one of 5 Americans to do that.

Q: The match that you had with Kane & The Undertaker at WWE Unforgiven 2001 was the subject of negative criticism by WWE management, fans, and the pro-wrestling media. What was your personal critique of this match?

BRYAN ADAMS: It was the worst ever. We told them we weren’t ready, and they made us do it anyway. Somebody was out to hurt us career-wise. It was horrible. We weren’t in wrestling shape and they didn’t give time to get in shape. We’d not wrestled for a year, so to work for them, we should have had several house shows, but they didn’t give us that. Whatever they could do to hurt us, they did. We just weren’t in shape from sitting on the side-lines for a year. They had told us one thing about being a gimmick match, use tables, chairs, whatever, then the night of the match, they changed it on us at the last minute. There was no storyline at all. Somebody was out to get us. 

Q: You have been a part of promotions that have come and gone, such as WCW and the WWA. If either company had given either of you creative control, what would you have done differently? Do you think that either company would still be here today if you had been at the helm?

BRYAN ADAMS: WWA couldn’t be saved, I don’t think. As for WCW, they were trying to change things that didn’t need to be changed, trying to out do Vince McMahon, and they should have left it as it was. They should have let Vince hang himself instead.

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