Ball State grad Jason Whitlock states Ronny Thompson is a liar, lacks courage and that the Thompson family cussed him out


We broke our version of the Ball State – Ronny Thompson controversy on Monday in conjunction with Mike Wilbon’s piece in the Washington Post.

We found it interesting that the Ball State alum chose not to write the story.

While filling in on the Jim Rome Show, Whitlock gave his take on the BSU-Thompsons rift. In an eight minute rant, he came off defending his alma mater about 80% of the time.

He repeatedly made references to Thompson lacking the courage to overcome the obstacles in Muncie, In. And he focused his convo mostly on the dysfunctional BSU athletic department and failed to point out to the national audience any of Thompson’s specific examples of a hostile racial atmosphere.   

Thanks to FoxSportsRadio1460, the Jim Rome Show and Premiere Radio for the audio.  

Whitlock spoke of Thompson’s poor attitude and how it rubbed people the wrong way at Ball State. He claims that the young coach “big-timed” him in their first face-to-face meeting and many others along the way.

According to sources close to the Thompson’s, Ronny felt he was never welcomed with open arms. Rarely was he invited to booster/alum functions.

Whitlock says Thompson treated boosters poorly and made lots of enemies within the BSU administration.

Whitlock says Thompson had a poor attitude and brought the treatment on himself.

We explained in the Monday story how Thompson walked into a fractured athletic department from the get-go.  The Athletic Director Collins was hired from the outside in January of 2006 which left two embittered candidates still working in the department. Those administrators along with women’s volleyball coach Randy Litchfield seemed to be on a witch hunt to snitch on Thompson and his coaches at every turn.

Whitlock really seemed stuck on the fact that Thompson is coming off as whiny and gutless. Here he makes his first reference to Thompson lacking courage.

Whitlock says Thompson should’ve fought through and that Thompson stains himself by quitting.

Whitlock explains blacks often deal with racism in the workplace. Thompson lacked the guts to fight through it.

Oddly enough, Whitlock never explains the racist claims and how serious they were in nature.  There are certainly different levels, correct? He never specifies this during his rant.  

Whitlock says quitting and running was a mistake. And if Thompson had told him about the story back in March, he would’ve covered it.

This is where Whitlock’s timeline is screwy.

He’s right the athletic department in-fighting and backstabbing was something Thompson could’ve mentioned.

The 2nd set of violations didn’t come out for nearly two more months. Then came the racist notes and the tape recording of a compliance officer claiming that one of the associate A.D.’s used the word nigger in a conversation. How would Thompson have an inkling of what was to come down the pike after the Final 4? 

Whitlock also says he was yelled at by the Thompsons. He says several other writers turned this story down.

We’re not sure how many writers turned it down but we hear Bill Rhoden was one of them. We’re not sure of the reasoning behind Rhoden doing this or exactly why Whitlock did.

Whitlock has always been willing to go against the grain and point out injustice. Is his status as a BSU alum clouding his view or did he read this correctly from the get-go?  

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