Great emailers on radio and Cofield talks Imus mess


I give Esiason and Carton 18 months and they will be history.  CBS and WFAN will be ringing their hands and saying, “What have we done”.  “We use to get $1500.00 per minute for a commercial spot, and now we almost have to beg people to advertise”.Well that about sums up what is going to happen at the CBS Flagship Radio station WFAN.  Moonves should be sent to Siberia with Katie Couric, and bring MSNBC’s  Steve Capus with them to eat (Cannibal style).

Whoa is me who made a bad management decision… Too bad dog breath…You made your bed and now your going to sleep in it.



The next time Mike Greenberg says “We’re back and better than ever,” I am more inclined to believe him.  But, I’m not here to rip the most-listened to national sports-talk morning show. Can it be a little annoying when Greeny executes a scripted pre-promote every fifteen minutes that only the most numb-minded listener falls for and is intrigued enough to actually endure the grating and over-inflected voice of Colin Cowherd pimping the “VIZ-E-OH” flat screen.   Congratulations Colin on owning one yourself.  I have a TV too, I guess we’re both special. 


Greeny is a bigger tease than the cheerleader I took to Senior Prom.  Do I sometimes get frustrated when Golic begins five consecutive sentences with the phrase “And again…,” even though they are discussing a brand new topic?   Sure, I do.  Example “Hey Golic, I know we’ve never spoken about the true cause of the Hindenburg disaster, but do you think it was a faulty design or pilot error?” Golic’s response, “And again Greeny….”


By the way, do you know that Golic was a player and never a fan?  I’m not sure if you caught that one of the 10000x times he’s mentioned that. Golic uses more “crutches” than J.D. Drew.


And again, I’m not here to rip Mike and Mike, just their fill-ins. Today’s dynamic duo, Josh Elliott and Michael Smith, provided scintillating debate on the hot topic of the day. Mr. Elliott tried to make a point that he has difficulty watching any sports event now without at least the thought of steroids or performance-enhancing drugs crossing his mind; which includes the PGA Championship and Tiger Woods.   This is an interesting point, one I personally find worthy of discussion.  Apparently, Mr. Smith didn’t agree.


Smith’s rebuttal consisted of his belief that this couldn’t possibly be an issue because golf is “a gentleman’s game.”   He cited examples of golfers reporting their own infractions, being disqualified for not signing scorecards and just an overall good guy approach to the sport. 

Therefore, no golfer could ever take performance-enhancing drugs.


This argument is as impressive as Jean Van de Velde‘s performance at the ’99 British Open.


It makes me want to take a Sammy Sosa corked baseball bat to the Michelin in-box.



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4 Comments on “Great emailers on radio and Cofield talks Imus mess”

  1. eric Says:

    Love the show Steve you rule!

  2. John Says:

    Mike and Mike in the Morning is awful. Two guys who have their testicles in their wives silk purses.

    Can you get “Mr. Sunshine – Cleaning up the sports world one positeve story at a time” on shirt?

  3. flyermart74 Says:

    Imus moves product! Like rush, & stern; people who don’t like them listen sometimes! Ad revenue is what its all about. . Think for yourself, outrage is over rated. sports gambling is not a crime!

  4. bandini Says:

    Long Live The I-MAN!

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