I’ll admit my objectivity may be in question on ESPN and their coverage of the NFL. I believe ESPN drags its feet in covering the NFL’s negative stories.

They were slow to cover the Pacman Jones case and really didn’t jump into the fray on the Vick story until a few weeks after it broke. And when it did so, “NFL Insiders” Len Pasquarelli and Chris Mortensen were nowhere to be found. Kelly Naqi was the bulldog on the story and she did a great job.

Hell, Mortensen went as far as releasing his big scoop, “Vick likely to not be indicted.” That came days before the indictment was handed down. Who was his source on this one? The NFL or Vick’s agent?

Listen below. This was Trey Wingo on NFL Live sounding very melancholy about the Vick situation. The tone doesn’t have to be celebratory but it’s a little offensive to present Vick as a poor soul in this case.

Thanks to ESPN for the audio.

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