Atlanta-based show, The Two Live Stews, fought on behalf of Vick. They were in Vegas for a boxing match a few months back. When I listened in to get a feel for the Stews and how Atlanta felt about Vick, this is what I heard.

The tone from the callers and Ryan/Doug was generally that Vick was being mistreated by the media and possibly the feds.  

They tried to rip Atlanta Journal Constitution writer Steve Wyche when he came on. Wyche would have no part of it. Apparently, the Stews felt like those malicious facts that Wyche wrote about Vick made him look bad. Listen below.

Thanks to 790 The Zone in Atlanta

The Stews are in a rough position. Since there is so little opportunity for black hosts on sports-talk radio, I’m sure they feel like they don’t want to betray the African-American community in Atlanta. 

If that’s not the case, their blinders put them in a position of defending the indefensible.

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  1. Bandini Says:

    This is what happens is former jocks pretend to be journalists.

  2. JASON L OLDS Says:

    Good morning fellas just wanted to say as an avid sports fan I love what you two do and I just so happened to be watching ESPN First Take and you lit into Skips A## I loved it, you left his racist self speechless. You also brought up a very valid point about how everyone in this room makes mistakes which is true and Jay didn’t say anything at all, lets not forget the sexual assault charges against him and Woody Paige I guess ESPN has swept that under the rug because they still have their jobs while Michael Irvin and Harold Reynolds are fired huh makes one think. but anyway thanks for always checking Skip for me because he says some of the most ridiculious things sometimes for someone who has never played sports in his life. And last but not least while I’m on a roll why does ESPN always focus on negative things and drama all the time lately like they can’t wait for something bad to happen to someone all the time and Doug and Ryan put up the new issue of King read the positive article on Terrell owens in side (check out the ladies too of course). Peace

  3. Peta Griffin Says:

    the two stews are racist, point blank

  4. dana bourgeouis Says:

    I missed the memo. Apparently, the Sportswriters of America, the commissioners of football and basketball and the KLAN have formed a cabal and decided that black athletes should be free IN THE DAY TIME only.
    They have also deemed it necessary to keep these rich darkies off the streets at 3 AM, and out of the way of rich other folks (Manhattan socialites, Yale preppies, musicians, movie stars and politicians) who are spilling out of the five star restaurants and clubs at that time.
    Appararently, the rationale is the black guys should go home before dark because, they couldn’t get a taxi anyway.
    Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy were shot in broad daylight. No one suggested they live in a bubble and avoid the troublemakers that their profession draw.
    What a bunch of fools.

    And by the way, George Steinbrener was pardoned. Scooter Libby was pardoned. Richard Nixon was pardoned. Michael Vick killed dogs. I’m missing something.

  5. hasan Says:

    shut the hell up you clown why do have a show still! your a hypocrite in a town that willl never be a sports town and u wouldnt have a job if you actually covered sports instead of playing rush limbaugh on sportstalk. your a joke

  6. Lord Littlebrook Says:

    Meh…. The stews are a jock sniffers. Well Doug is ,Ryan played. Even though Doug claimed to play pro sports when he did a interview with the writer that called Andrew Jones fat. Doug is a race baiter and a liar. He said white media would sweep the Duke lacrosse case under the rug because a Black woman was raped by white guys. We the story went national and turns out the woman lied, He never admitted he was wrong or said anything about the media jumping on the players even thought they were innocent. But he loves to flap his gums about Vick and OJ every chance he gets.

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