I’ve always laughed at the way people in New York view the Mike and the Mad Dog Show.

Mike Francesa is lauded as THE sports expert on the show while Chris Russo is the rambling idiot. Many people in radio will tell you Russo is the genius on the show. His delivery, energy and the way he sets up the topic is pure brilliance. He has the audience foaming at the mouth.

When the fellas go solo on the weekend or on weekdays, Francesa’s show crawls along. He often sounds disinterested, as if he’s doing the audience a favor.

As far as the all knowing reputation, Francesa has the advantage of doing a show in a market that is completely NY-centric. When Francesa does speak on college football or hoops, his word is taken as gold.

Maybe it shouldn’t be according to Francesa hater Phil Mushnick from the N.Y. Post:

Mike Francesa, on WFAN/YES Thursday, in his most authoritative voice, pointed to prized recruit, Jimmy Clausen, as one of the most coveted QBs ever landed by Notre Dame. Francesa authoritatively added that Clausen is one of the highest regarded QBs “to come out of the South.” Clausen is from California, which is south of Oregon, y’all.

We all make mistakes and if I was pounded for every factual error I make on a name or stat, you could fill lots of newspaper columns. But I will admit I make mistakes. The problem with Francesa is that he’s beyond reproach. He’s never wrong.  

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  1. Bandini Says:

    Steve Czaban on Fox Sports Radio is never wrong either.

  2. flyermart74 Says:

    Yeah a guy on wfan in nyc talking college football. Just talk college hoops, & leave the college football to the southeast, the big 12 & the pac 10. If anyone in the big east goes undefeated will they be in the championship game?

  3. In Francesa’s defense it’s hard not to feel like a deity when your callers sound like they just snorted a few lines of Down’s Syndrome.

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