Any male on the face of the earth could see this one coming.

The Las Vegas NBC affiliate came up with the genius idea of having husband and wife, Kim and Dana Wagner, do a morning show together.

They started back on July 9th. 

Let’s see…hubbie and wife around each other 24/7. At home and work, ALL THE TIME! 


Throw in the fact that the Wagners just had kid.

Now make them get up at 4a each day…..this is what happens.

Watch as KVBC’s Kim Wagner undresses her camera person on live TV:

Favorite moments in the video:

1. Kim “Capozzo” Wagner bitching that people are complimenting her in person with awful comments like “you look small.”

2. Dana crapping his pants thinking one of Kim’s classic at-home meltdowns could be coming on live TV.

3. Our favorite TV weatherman, John Fredericks, he of the perfect hair, firing back with the “word of the day” line.  

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  1. Sammy Says:

    Dana seriously looks like he’s going to have a heart attack. He tries to douse Kim’s flames by a Jim Carrey-esque flailing of the limbs in hopes the camera draws attention to him instead of the Tempest! I love how the camera angle never moves or changes after they goto Fredricks…and for the love of Christ, John, sorry about your dog bro-ham, have any opinions on Michael Vick?

  2. Bill in Green Valley Says:

    Wow, what a train wreck !!!

    I haven’t watched their morning show yet, because they are both basically devoid of talent, however, if we are going to get priceless, YouTube worthy moments like that one, it might be worth tuning in after all.

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