As she withers away to less than 90 lbs, Jenna chastises a TMZ cameraman. Her beau, Tito Ortiz also throws out a retarded line.


Jameson says, “Skinny is a good thing. I’m launching my fashion career. You guys better stop calling me skinny and being mean to me.”

Who agrees she’d be a better fashion model looking like this…


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  1. Says:

    This is all too crazy – the weight loss is getting scary

  2. Bill in Green Valley Says:

    Wow !!!

    She is starting to venture into Nicole Richie territory. I know she wants to distance herself from the porn thing, and that’s fine, but come on now. Let’s not get carried away.

    I’d like to know at what point in time she looked in the mirror and said to herself, “Good Lord, you are huge. You’ve got to start starving yourself immediately” !!

    I blame Tito, as usual. None of this was going on until he was in the picture. Plus, it’s common knowledge that people with controlling personalities will tell people almost anything to feel better about themselves, i.e., telling one of the sexiest women in the world that she is fat. And then, once the self esteem begins to crumble, then they have you in the palm of their hand. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it happen.

    I hope she is able to see what is happening before it’s too late for her. She is “Scary Thin” now !!!

  3. Bandini Says:

    I’d still hit it.

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