Even when MTV was hip and relevant, they had a poor track record of stifling the creativity and free speech of the artists’ that the network helped turn into stars. Just ask Madonna, who made a habit of creating videos that MTV censored. Even Pearl Jam felt the iron fist of the network when “Jeremy” was pulled following the Columbine shootings. The list goes on and on. Usually, the reasons have to do with references to guns and drugs or sexual innuendos.

It’s getting a little out of hand now, though. One of the top songs of the summer, “Beautiful Girls” by 16-year-old Sean Kingston, has been censored by the moral police at MTV. This is just stupid! The song now makes absolutely no sense. Apparently, Kingston and his people were offered the opportunity to make it more “TV friendly”, but made the correct choice in rejecting that request.

Here is the original video, uncensored. You only need to watch about 10 seconds of each video to find the difference.

And the censored version.

Ironically, this can only lead to more focus on the word than it would have received had nobody made such a big deal out of it. Any normal viewer who comes across a three second dead spot in the video every time the chorus plays is going to rush to a computer to look up what the missing word is. I actually really like the song, and the harmony and video are both a hip-hop/raggae infused throwback to the great songs of the 1950s. Please, let’s stop the censorship madness.

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  1. Cofield Says:

    I agree. I hate the world we live in.

    Please stop listening the smallest minority of douchebags who are offended by everything. Why doesn’t the sane, 99% portion of the population count?

    I hate this song but even I’m outraged by removing integral words.

  2. Bill in Green Valley Says:

    Apparently, “Big Brother” is watching MTV, too.

  3. eRock in Green Valley Says:

    For the love of god Steve please get with and figure out what’s wrong with the podcasts. I work when your show is on and it sucks when I come home and only 10 or 20 minutes of the podcast is available. Thanks for the great show.

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