JT The Brick, Fox Sports Network

JT The Brick, heard nationwide, Fox Sports Radio Network (7-11p PT) popped on with Mr. Sunshine, Steve Cofield!

Brick has been a solid contributor for MSNBC.com and his recent column is awarded Sunshine points as he guts Michael Vick like a stuffed pig. 

How could the QB get a rush out of watching two dogs try to kill each other? 

JT was good enough to find time on the phone with Mr. Sunshine, as he was whisked from his compound to the Hollywood premiere for “Resurrecting The Champ” — as he prepared for his very own show. Thank You, JT, we appreciate your time!



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  1. flyermart74 Says:

    JT knows what’s up! Do the crime serve the time. But after he serves his time he should be able to try out & if the nfl shuns him that’s the way life goes. I would wish that people would actually say the amount he has been paid to date, not what he might get if his contract is fulfilled. Oh wait that might mean that people are doing their own reporting. How much has he really been paid so far? A arena behind ballys casino, thats a good idea? I might go if I get a helicopter ride. Tivo isn’t overated. Take the deal mike, I would, so would you too.

  2. Larry Brown Says:

    Even though the union is designed to help the players earn a living as JT says, I can’t believe how much the NFLPA is getting dominated by Goodell. They really seem powerless when it comes to the suspensions. Good interview.

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