Callers wanted Mike Vick’s blood on Monday when they found out he took the plea agreement.  

Classic lines included:

Antoine said, “Lindsay Lohan prooved she can be President when she’s 50 for using cocaine as a youth.”

Mike said, “It goes back to Leonard Little. Little has a disease. I think alcoholism is a disease. If Leonard Little was hammered when he committed his crime, I can’t begin to imagine how Michael Vick did this sober.”

Don shredded Mike, “Mike is an idiot. It’s fashionable now to say you have a disease. Reality of it is, you tell your home boys there are certain rules you have to follow now. Look at where he is now for keepin it real. There’s a whole segment of black folks in the south who feel like the man is keeping us down. We’re doing a great job of doing that on our own.”  

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  1. Jace Says:

    Lindsay Lohan is a whore, 20-1 in my dead pool, and yes thank god for the weekend!

    I Love the calls! Keepin It Real — Real Dumb, Don’s totally spot on and Mike is a fairy douchebag mamby pamby booze is a disease? Fuck Off. Men need to grow up that’s it, end of story. Booze is no excuse IMO

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