This national media thing is new for many of the UFC fighters. Athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLB are rightly hesitant to speak on race or throw out racial stereotypes. That’s not the case with some guys in the UFC.  

Welterweight Josh Koscheck fired up a lot of people on the web earlier this week with his comments to Yahoo’s Kevin Iole: 

Matt Hughes is slow, he’s a farm boy and he’s white. He has no speed and no athletic ability. He’s a wrestler. Matt Hughes should just have been trying to take him down, take him down, take him down.” 

Koscheck came on with Cofield and would not back off his statements saying:

I did say it. The funny thing is, I’m half white and half black. Being half white and half black, you can throw down on any race. I’m not saying it to be racist on Matt Hughes or white people. He’s a farm boy and he’s slow. He’s won just by wrestling all these years. I’m not going to change for anybody. If I have something on my mind, I’m going to tell you how I feel. If you don’t like what I say, don’t listen”

What would Gary Sheffield say about this? After all Josh is not “all black.” Does he have the right to rip on African-Americans? 

What would Carlos Mencia (real name Ned, Honduran-Dutch heritage) say considering he has built his whole act cracking on Mexicans? 

Should Koscheck be able to make those comments with no impunity? What would be the reaction if Dan Henderson went on some Al Campanis-like rant towards Quinton Jackson? 

Maybe Matt Hughes should call out Koscheck and make a big stink over the comments. Oh wait, Hughes is the guy who bashed Georges St. Pierre for being French-Canadian saying, “Who wants to lose to a Canadian in a street fight? Well, if you look back at history, I don’t think Canada’s had big wars or anything like that. They’re not a violent country, can we say that? Would you agree? Well I’m from America and I think we’re fighters, as a country. Look where we’re at, we’re all over. That’s what I was talking about. I don’t see you guys venturing out trying to help the world out, we’ll say that,”

Hughes is also the guy who made racial jokes during Season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter. With the entire crew of fighters gathered at a restaurant, Hughes yelled across the room to African-American Din Thomas that he could see his big lips flapping.

Hopefully in the future, fighters will begin staying away from any ethnic references and stereotypes. With more media exposure, comes more scrutiny. There’s plenty of other ways to trash talk and you don’t want to be known at the “racist” UFC fighter.

Koscheck also reacted to the illness Diego Sanchez was suffering before their fight at UFC 69:  

“Boo-hoo, boo-hoo. People will always go into fights injured. If he wants to make that excuse again, I’ll give him a good beating again. Everyone has an excuses for losing. These fighters need to take responsibility. And suck it up.”

Koscheck spoke about being a UFC villian:

“The crowd has always booed from day one. From The Ultimate Fighter (reality TV show). It’s nothing new. It must be the hair. They must not like that. Everyone is going to boo me and hate me until they meet me, then they’re going to fall in love. 

Koscheck explained why his MySpace page had an anti-UFC management rant calling for fighters to unionize:

“I was actually at training that day. When you put a password of 1-2-3-4, it’s easy to hack into. I don’t even run my MySpace page to be honest. It was probably some asshole fan who doesn’t like me. He finally got in. Dana White knows I didn’t do it.” 

But Koscheck also hinted that he does think there should be improvements for fighters:

“The UFC has to get their money back but sooner or later the fighters will get what’s coming to them. It’s just a matter of time. I’ve always been treated ok. I have no reason to complain, they’ve always been cool to me.”

Koscheck closed by saying Georges St. Pierre is in trouble if he’s not right mentally:

“He’s say he’s a new man. Obviously he had some issues. He says he’s a new Georges St. Pierre. If he’s the same guy who showed up against Matt Serra, it could be an easy night for me.”


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  1. Kurt Landis Says:

    Koscheck is a despicable racist.

    If his mom was asian too, would that allow him to mercilessly rain down racist slurs upon any member of the public?

    I’m also disappointed that he gave up with a minute left in the fight and accepted his loss to GSP. Sounds like Kos is the one who’s beat mentally.

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