Holland, from, said it’s going to be tough to knock Randy Couture from his heavyweight perch. He also spoke about Georges St. Pierre’s big win over Josh Koscheck.

Holland is big fan of Clay Guida after the win over Marcus Aurelio, saying Guida should get a shot at a top 5 fighter at 155.


Holland talks UFC 74. He says Babalu should never fight in UFC again.

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  1. Happy Crackie Says:

    For the Love of Christ, Holland, don’t get all sappy on us. Please don’t tell me you are siding with the Liberal Liberace, Mr. Sunshine and both of you planting “Political Correctness” into MY UFC. I Love the audio, it’s cool, but it’s time the both of you be given an eye opener.

    UFC/MMA is a violent sport. Athletes are called Fighters not Players. And while it’s not a team sport, no fighter wants to win so badly they would kill an opponent.

    UFC arena packed crowds and the minons that follow along at home are blood thirsty. UFC fans cheer when fighters strike and boo when they wrestle ground and pound. These fans desire Blood. Gore. Knockouts. Submits — No other sport creates this kind of fervor except UFC.

    Therefore, why do the both of you, Holland and Co-liberal, condemn Babalu for not being able to just turn it off like a light switch.

    “oh we’re so worried that society will respond with the old taunts that mma is human cock-fighting” Yeah, the punishment of Babalu will linger in all other fighter’s minds and keep them from over reacting? WRONG!

    The loyal fans and supporters of UFC want fights to end like this hence it’s booming popularity is a reflection of an increasingly violent society? MAYBE.

    Is it not possible to see that if we continue on your collective, facist plan of Fileting Babalu because of the fear of the ‘human cock fighting stigma” is a major contradiction? YES.

    Do I love the shows, yes, but for now both of you must stop your cotton-candy perception of what it means to Fight for a living. Can’t turn it off like a switch. Babalu DID NOTHING WRONG!

  2. eric Says:

    Steve, yesterday’s podcast doesn’t work. Is there any way you can ditch and put the podcasts on the blog?

  3. “Is it not possible to see that if we continue on your collective, facist plan of Fileting Babalu because of the fear of the ‘human cock fighting stigma” is a major contradiction? YES” –Yes it si not possible to see the contradiction just as it is not possible to see any logic in your arguement. Babalu DELIBERATELY violated one of the most critical rules of the sport and will be punished accordingly. The fact that he had no remorse is the most damning fact against him. LIke good ole Happy Crackie, Babalu belived he did nothing wrong and thus is prone to repeat his behavior again. His punishment must make him remorseful if his conscious does not.

  4. I’m all for the spirit of Vale Tudo monsieur crackie, but I do ask that it take place between the opening and closing bell.

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