I am begging for editors, program directors and tv execs to hear me out. 

PLEASE do not force your “talent” to contribute to your fantasy content when they clearly have no desire, no ability or both.

My blood was boiling over the ESPN Fantasy Football Draft “special” (does special mean this panel rides the short bus?) with such gems as the creator deciding an 8-team draft was worthwhile – I have never heard of an 8 team league in my life – and Michael Smith drafting Carson Palmer at pick number eight and saying “I’m drafting based on reality, not fantasy.”

Kudos to Trey Wingo for shooting back at Smith for this ridiculous statement on a fantasy show.

However, what really drew my ire was the Sports Illustrated Magazine draft. 

Peter King, a writer I do respect, needs to stick with reality, not fantasy.  Mr. King needs to understand that fanatsy football is not just about gambling on players who you assume will have great years.  You need to draft like you are trying to win (this “league” does not play out over the course of the season, unlike the other leagues) and not just trying to look smart at the end of the year. 

If a real-life General manager drafted the way Mr. King did, he would be lambasted for his decision-making.  Hear me out.

With the 8th pick, King took Bills rookie RB Marshawn Lynch.  That’s right. Read it again.  At 17, he took Adrian Peterson.  OK, Mr. King may be a football genius and an expert drafter. There’s a chance Lynch will be the 8th most productive player in fantasy football this season (and I have a chance to have a foursome with my favorite Jessica’s Alba-Simpson-Beil).  Although doubtful, that remains a matter of opinion.  However, Mr. King clearly only drafted this way because nothing is actually on the line and he puts himself in a “I told you so” position at the end of the year.  With his picks in the 3rd and 4th rounds, King took Jon Kitna and Lee Evans.

My point is simply this….there isn’t a draft that exists that wouldn’t have Lynch available at 17 and most likely at 32.  Peterson would’ve been available at 32 and 41.  If you were analyzing this move made by a real GM (who is King getting his advice from, Matt Millen?) King would nail this guy for not getting value at his picks.  Let’s go on the premise that King doesn’t realistically think Maroney, Bush, Westbrook, Parker, R. Johnson or any other RB will outperform Lynch (unlikely, but let’s go with it). This means King passed on Manning, Palmer, Brees and Brady to play QB by reaching for Lynch too early and needing to settle on Kitna.  Then, if he was scared out of his Starbucks little mind, let’s allow him to reach for Lynch at 17.  At 32 he ended up taking Kitna when he could’ve grabbed the number 1 TE in Gates or a WR from the group of A. Johnson, R. Williams, Fitzgerald and Colston.  At 41, Mr. King could’ve grabbed the beloved not-yet-starter Peterson. 

It’s about value, not just players.  I’ll go head to head with these picks Mr. King. We each get Lynch and Peterson, I’ll defer to his expert analysis.  I’ll take Manning and one of the four above-mentioned WRs and you take Kitna and Evans.  Winner gets a venti mocha latte-half skim and a blueberry scone.

My point to members of the media.  Don’t insult our intelligence.  It’s OK if you’re not into fanatsy football.  But for those of us who do enjoy it, don’t bother us by not taking it seriously.

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