The revolution is beginning.

Being a tireless defender of free speech, I found many things to be troubled by in the aftermath of the Don Imus situation. One of the things that bothered me the most was the lack of comedians coming to the defense of the old kook.

Whether or not you think he was funny, Imus did a comedy show. There really should be no boundaries placed on speech anywhere, but especially in comedy. The media turned it into a radio issue, but it really should have been viewed as a free speech issue and a comedy issue.

Few comedians stood up to defend Imus’ right to say what he wanted to say and even fewer black comedians did so (one major exception was D.L. Hughley who said at the time that all comedians needed to defend Imus because if they didn’t, special interest groups would feel empowered and come after comedians next).

Now comes word that the assault on speech in comedy has begun. Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brotha) was yanked from the stage in the middle of his act for repeatedly saying the N-Word. This has got to stop. He was doing a show at a Black Enterprise magazine event in the Miami suburb of Doral on Friday. Had they never seen his show? Who’s next on the censor list Katt Williams?

It’s the equivalent of hiring Britney Spears to host your club’s New Years Eve party and then getting angry when she passes out drunk and leaves early (This actually happened at Pure Las Vegas).

Either way, we need to stop.

Bad language is a problem when you’re speaking to first graders. Parents shouldn’t let their kids listen to Imus, and they shouldn’t let them go see Eddie Griffin if they are uncomfortable with allowing them to hear vulgarities.

It’s pretty simple. And if you are an adult that’s offended by bad language, just die! There is no use for you on this earth. You don’t have to use it. That’s your choice. But if you can’t handle hearing these words, then I don’t want to live on the same planet as you. If you’re one of those people that takes it one step further and actually complains when you hear a word you don’t like, then dying is not enough for you. I would rather lock you in a room with no food or water listening to church music for two weeks, then give you just enough water to survive and continue the process until finally you just rot to death you miserable piece of trash.

Did I mention I take free speech very seriously?

I wonder how many times Griffin uttered offensive words in his truncated set? He certainly couldn’t have beaten the record set by Williams in this clip. In just 5:45, Williams cursed 59 times that doesn’t include saying nigger 31 times. He dropped the  N-bomb an amazing 17 times in the first 2:07.

Take that Eddie “Motherf***in” Griffin!

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  1. Happy Crackie Says:

    I don’t see what the problem a black comedian using “Nigga” in a stand up comedy act. While I agree on freedom of speech, xman, when michael richards used it — it was fucked up and wrong…if Eddie Griffin (the actor, not the dick jacking car crashing train spotting fuckup) wants to say Nigga, do it. He’s black, good for him, good for the comedy bits, I’m sure. And while we’re at it….IT’S STAND UP COMEDY….WHO WAS SURPRISED BY THIS? Granted, the Nigga, It’s not as funny as when he says, “He-bitch” or “Man-ho” but whatever, fuck that magazine and Fuck Doral, bunch of elitist Florida cunting.

    Did I mention, Mr. X is 2-2 on Eddie Griffin stories? Nicely done.

  2. Rich Says:

    I know it’s probably not cool to post urls here but I really think this link ties in nicely to this discussion. I shot most of it last week right before Edie worked his comedy magic in Miami.

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