We spoke last Thursday about King’s ridiculous takes on fantasy football. You remember, King took rookie RB Marshawn Lynch with the 7th pick of his draft. After putting together what would’ve been a piss-poor team, King is now giving us fantasy advice. Check out these gems.

1. So you’re all excited about stealing the Baltimore defense in the 10th round of your draft? Good pick, no
question. But maybe not this week

Is the Baltimore defense a steal? Most cheat sheets had the Ravens as the No. 1 or 2 D in the league. The Baltimore D was taken in round 5.9 on average in all Yahoo leagues. Wouldn’t a steal be a sleeper D?  

2. This sounds loony, I understand. But if you’ve got a really good third back — say, Marshawn Lynch — I’d consider using him this week against Denver instead of Larry Johnson against Houston.

Third back? What is he referencing? A 4-team league? Plus, isn’t this the same jackass who chose Lynch as the 7th overall pick. How many fantasy owners in 10 or 12 teams league would have Lynch as their third back?

3. Jay Cutler could struggle on the road in a very loud environment at Buffalo

This is a ballsy call. Cutler made six NFL starts and he may struggle on the road. Never thought of that.  

5. Put Cedric Benson on your bench.

Again, what league are you in where you can afford to not play Cedric Benson, a top 24 back?  

7. Want an unexpected tight end hit in week one? Visanthe Shiancoe in Minnesota.

I can’t wait to see this guy go catchless in Week One.  

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  1. OMAR Says:

    There must be a possibility of getting Peter King in a FF league where we play for money.

    Shiancoe never caught more than 12 passes in a season for the Giants. For whatever reason, the Vikings inked him to a deal worth $8.2 mill in guaranteed money.

    What’s weird is that King poo pooed the deal when it happened.

    “Even in a spending spree like the one the NFL has seen in the last week and change, the Shiancoe deal has stunned people around the league. Stunned is putting it nicely. The Vikings are being belittled for spending so much on a guy who, even when he got the chance with Shockey hurt so much, never proved himself a remotely reliable receiver.”

    I guess at some point the Vikings let King in on the big secret.

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