Matt Hamill of the UFC

It’s time to hear a voice of reason with this ridiculous overreaction on the fight in England. Based on the online reaction to the fight, the UFC is about to launch a full fight fixing investigation.

Here is UFCMania’s Jesse Holland arguing his point with Cofield:  

Here is MMAMadness writer Pramit with Cofield:

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  1. I agree with Jesse…he’s never wrong…

  2. BHicks Says:

    That was enjoyable. Thanks.

  3. john leblanc Says:

    i’ve seen worse decisions like,bonner over jardine ,ortiz over griffin. neither bisping nor hamill looked good enough to win this fight! i think it should have been a draw! i think the fights should be scored on the tottallity of the fight and not on the seperate rounds. just my opinion but i don’t waver unlike some judges! thank-you

  4. GregorClegane Says:

    an open letter to Michael Bisping and Dana White:
    Bisping: I hope you were paid well for your part in that obviously fixed match.
    Hopefully, with the money you have earned it will give you time to think about integrity and honor.
    You clearly did not win your match against Hamill, but still had the lack of character to even shake the guys hand.
    Hamill, accepted the judges decision and gave you respect, even though he had every right to be enraged.
    Clearly the UFC has gone the way of boxing and is not interested in promoting fair fights.
    At least in wrestling they admit its faked. I will no longer support the UFC in any way.
    Bisping: I hope you find something else to give your life some meaning, because when youre 60, the only thing people are going to remember about you is how you took a bag of cash in a rigged match.
    White: why do we need another type of “sports entertainment?” I watched the UFC because I was under the impression that it was real.
    Now, how can I be sure any of the matches I have seen were real? Particularly any invoing Martinez, Hughes and Liddel?
    Like I said, Im through with the UFC unless the fight is disqualified and the judges permanently banned from the “sport”.
    Whats next? A “masked” fighter? What a load of crap. Thanks for nothing.

    The BEST I can say would be the match ended with a draw.

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