We’re seeing an alarming trend of internet douchebags and TV gossip shows pounding women for any perceived flaw.

We brought up the case last week of some internet goof pointing out that Alyssa Milano had hairy arms. Now she’s a no-go for me now! Just kidding. Notice in the pic below, she covered up the arms!

Alyssa Milano

Great news, she’s just been hired by TBS as a baseball correspondent.

Continuing on the subject of female perfection. Vanessa Hudgens and her nude photo got me thinking. When did it become an absolute that all women have to go with the newborn baby look downstairs? Hudgens was sporting a full triangle. Nothing disgusting, it was neat. All you read on the internet is that she’s a hairy beast. Huh?

Guys should spread the message that every woman doesn’t have to look like Nicole Richie, Jenna Jameson or Mary-Kate Olsen. 


Click here to see a picture Pierce Brosnan’s wife. She’s getting pounded on the net. Why? She’s got a big rack and she’s not 110 LBS. Men AND women get over it. Coming from a hairy, 300-pounder…lighten up, we don’t all have to be skin and bones!! 

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  1. billymac49 Says:

    I’ll take Alyssa Milano all day long. Not only is she hot, she knows baseball. Does it get any better than that ??

    Those anorexic chicks give me the creeps. I’m afraid they might snap like a twig if you get my drift.

    I used to love the old Jenna Jameson, but now …. OMG !!!
    I blame Tito. He seems like the type of guy that would convince her she was fat and try to squash her self esteem. Damn you TITO !!!!!

  2. Jon Says:

    For me the perfect woman is………..Heather Mitts

    Beautiful face and long blonde hair and has a nice athletic body since she plays soccer

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