Since many MMA fans spent much of the week embarassing themselves in discussing the Bisping-Hamill fight. I might as well take the same path.

Clearly, Elite XC wanted Nick Diaz and Joey Villasenor to win their fights. Both of their battles went to tight decisions. I don’t agree with the judges’ calls, I have lost trust in Elite XC. The fights must’ve been fixed.

Of course, I’m kidding. Diaz v. Mike Aina was extremely tight and a tough fight to score. I thought Riki Fukuda did a great job and could’ve won the decision over Villasenor.

It’s emails like this that have me thinking more and more, that many MMA fans are children with no perspective (excuse the spelling errors):

Bisping: I hope you were paid well for your part in that obviously fixed match. Hopefully, with the money you have earned it will give you time to think about integrity and honor. You clearly did not win your match against Hamill, but still had the lack of character to even shake the guys hand.

Hamill, accepted the judges decision and gave you respect, even though he had every right to be enraged. Clearly the UFC has gone the way of boxing and is not interested in promoting fair fights. At least in wrestling they admit its faked  fake. I will no longer support the UFC in any way.

Bisping: I hope you find something else to give your life some meaning, because when youre you’re 60, the only thing people are going to remember about you is how you took a bag of cash in a rigged match.

White: why do we need another type of “sports entertainment?” I watched the UFC because I was under the impression that it was real. Now, how can I be sure any of the matches I have seen were real? Particularly any invoing Martinez, Hughes and Liddel Liddell? Like I said, Im through with the UFC unless the fight is disqualified and the judges permanently banned from the “sport”.

Whats next? A “masked” fighter? What a load of crap. Thanks for nothing.Gregor What will the UFC fanbase do without Gregor? Hopefully, increase a few IQ points.

Until this last week, I had a lot of respect for many MMA fans. I figured you guys appreciated the intricacies and nuances of the sport. Now, I question your intelligence and maturity. I keep hearing boxing shredded by MMA fans. Frankly, you need to watch more boxing to understand that with the 10-point must system there are going to be plenty of debated decisions.   


More proof here that judges can be clowns. Asking for experienced guys like Cecil Peoples and Jeff Mullen to be barred for life is ridiculous when you have judges like this..

FROM: DAVE DOYLE, Yahoo Sports

Diaz took scores of 30-27 and 29-28, while Aina won by a count of 29-28 on one judge’s scorecard. Y! Sports scored the fight 29-28 Aina. The judge who scored the match 30-27 Diaz was spotted chatting on his cell phone at one point during the fight and spent a chunk of round 1 with his back turned to the fight, engaging a woman sitting at the press table in a conversation

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  2. garth Says:

    Being upset about the Bisping-Hamill result isn’t idiotic. It’s natural. It was a garbage decision, and the clearest, most glaring example of why the ten point must system is an outmoded dinosaur. Maybe in a boxing match of more than three rounds it’ll work. In MMA too much attention, I believe, is focused on the end of the 5 minute round, the last minute or minute and a half, and not the round as a whole. There needs to be a new system.
    And why isn’t the score put up on a board? We could SEE peoples’ insane scoring, we could see the totals, and each fighter would know what they had to do. MMA/Boxing are the only sports that HIDE THE SCORE. Stupidity.
    There’s tons of reasons for being upset about Count Douche stealing a win, and none of them have anything to do with “conspiracy” or fixed fights.

  3. Pookie Says:

    What youre saying is ridiculous. Aina landed barely any of his shots, maybe 30 total the entire fight and thats being generous. Diaz landed at the very least 150 punches/knees. Add on to that the fact he got the only takedown(s) in round 2 and 3. And in the end result look at the damage diaz put onto aina’s face, the man looked like he needed to go to the hospital. Diaz’s face was absolutely fine, a small cut and no other marks at all. Diaz controlled the pace, never was the fighter backing up. aina was backing up after he gassed in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Diaz landed more shots, did more damage with his shots, controlled the clinch, and cornered him into the cage quite frequently. Call me crazy but doesnt that sound like diaz won on every single aspect of the fight. 30-27 diaz was the right score. If you believe that throwing wildly and not landing are enough to win round one, and getting a knockdown on an off balance opponent in round 2 is enough to win that round as well…. then dont watch mma, you really have no right to judge your opinion to the masses, and pass it off as fact

  4. I have found it very interesting that nobody is saying much about the Aina fight. I think people just wanted Diaz to win so they do not care if it was a controversial decision. There really is nobody to blame during situations like this (well, besides the ref who scored it 30-27 for Diaz), it’s just something we will have to deal with until they get rid of the 10 point system and actually apply a comprehensive scoring method.

    If anything, we should be glad that all of these controversial decisions are happening lately because it has really made it clear that something has to be done about the current scoring system.

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