We’ll post the some UFN 11 fight analysis later tonight.

Some observations from the Pearl at the Palms included an appearance by Xhibit and Mark Cuban.

The Cuban attendance was interesting considering he could be viewed as a potential UFC rival down the road. The Dallas Mavs’ owner sat about 10 rows from the action. He had a few fans recognize him and he was greeted at one point by UFC president Dana White. They shook hands and spoke for a minute. The mood looked pleasant.

Also, interesting was the rumor swirling that O.J.’s entourage/people were asking around about tickets to come in and see the fight. Their request for tickets was rebuffed. We don’t know if the kibosh was put on by George Maloof, owner of the Palms or The Fertitas, who own UFC and the Palace Station, where O.J.’s trouble began last Thursday.  I’m guessing both of the Las Vegas power brokers aren’t thrilled with the publicity the Juice has brought their properties.

This doesn’t mean O.J. was actually inquiring but his people were. AP reports O.J. left on a plane late Wednesday for Miami.

Simpson, 60, flew home to Miami later Wednesday in a spectacle just as surreal. US Airways emptied a plane so he could board first with Galanter and his girlfriend, Christine Prody.

Simpson sat in seat 6D, an aisle seat in economy class. Passengers who boarded behind him took pictures with cell phones and cameras. He nodded and smiled as they passed.

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