I’ve questioned for years why people hate athletes so much. Celebrities are 1000x less approachable. They get away with murder on a regular basis and know they’re privileged. And anyone who utters the phrase “Do you know who I am?” should be put to death on the spot.

Patti LaBelle is now on the list. She’s fortunate to have fans who still want to watch her and look at the way she treats them.

The public has spoken you old bitch. Go away for good. Check out these responses to

That old hag should be glad people still show up to her concerts. Who the hell does she think she is??

Posted at 6:15PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Steve<!– –>

I hope she and her fan are both reading this. he needs to get some ba**s and tell her to f**k off and she needs to quit thinking she’s GOD. She has a freakin voice. that’s it!!!!!! get over yourself bi**h

Posted at 6:15PM on Sep 21st 2007 by oodalolly

This old screaming hag, has no sense of humor, a whole lot less talent than one of her longtime contemporaries/competitors Aretha, and appraently dude’s joke hit a nerve BIG TIME, cuz she reacted a little too extremely…like she really hadn’t gotten any in so long, that anything resembling a crack on her in that respect, set her ablaze with nun-syndrome anger! lol.That old fruitcake dress wearin’ biatch!

Posted at 6:19PM on Sep 21st 2007 by The Ref

Now that was uncomfortable! I feel sorry for the guy, he wasn’t dissing her. She has noooo sense of humor. Chill and get over your bad self Patti.

Posted at 5:40PM on Sep 21st 2007 by RealityTVHo

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