Is it too much to ask for on-air contributors to know first and last names?  Now, I would understand if Gus Johnson blew the name of the back-up snapper who was just signed three hours before kickoff and had a last name similar to a third line left-winger on the Czech national hockey team. I’m talking about the names of athletes whom are starters at their positions and are being identified to enforce a point they brought up and trying to reinforce!


When talking about the Dolphins-Cowboys game in Week 2, he made a point on this week’s game and mentioned how they would fare against the Giants (OK, let’s give him a pass, the Giants were the week one opponent).  Mr. Spit made the point that the Dolphins would need to protect Trent Green versus the pass rush of the Cowboys and Andre Ware.  Yikes.  The former QB gained 60 pounds and is back in the league as a pass rusher?  Perhaps it was DeMarcus Ware.


Joe was talking about the Bears offense and mentioned that a certain wide receiver was a big play option.  He identified him as Bertran Berrian.  Oops.  How often does someone confuse Bertrand Berry (Arizona DE) and Bernard Berrian?

As a follow up on the Bears, Quadry Ismail went a step further to talk about all of the weapons the Bears have on offense.  He called Mushin Muhammad “explosive.”  Perhaps when he caught a look from anyone who has watched and NFL game in the past five years, he followed up by saying he was a possession receiver.  An explosive possession receiver?  What’s next, a fat anorexic? A likeable Berman?


God love him, he’s the best sports talk show host in the country and his shtick isn’t being an expert.  That’s the only way this works, but if you hear him break down the Red Sox and Eric GAG-nay, be prepared to spit out your vitamin water, it’s hilarious.  On a similar note, breaking down the Bengals today (why?) he actually didn’t even attempt to pronounce the name of wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh.  He stopped himself on the air and just said “and T.J., I can’t pronounce his last name.”


This is the one that really got me.  It was so crazy, I actually backed-up the TiVo to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.  And yes, I did.

Dolphins score a touchdown with a 1:15 to go against the Jets.  The score moves to 31-27, point after pending.  Dan Dierdorf on CBS actually says, this is one of those situations where unfortunately you have to kick the extra point to make it a three point game.  The risk of missing on a two-point conversion is too dangerous because if you miss, you will need a touchdown to win and not a field goal to tie.  Huh?  When has anyone ever thought of going for two in that situation?  Ever? Not in the NFL, not in college, not in High School, not in Varsity Blues, not in Remember the Titans, hell, not even in the XFL!  Thanks for the Hall of Fame analysis, Dan.  


By the way, how’s this for an ouch on the local radio side of things.  In Chicago, Sunday late afternoon, the city preparing for a night game on national TV versus the Cowboys.  ESPN 1000 has a three hour pre-game. WSCR has a pre-season Blackhawk broadcast.  Wow.


I’m getting a good read on the new The Mike Tirico Show.  A lot of nicknames and not a lot of faith in the host.  Mike Tirico mentioned a minimum of four times in his first show that he won’t be on the air every day, but most days.  On the days he’s off, he’s predicting it will be a better show with his co-hosts than when he’s actually on.  Inspiring. 

Also, we’ve learned Sean Salisbury is now Sean-O and Todd Blackledge is called “Ledge.”  Keep ’em coming boys.  I can’t wait to be screamed at by Stephen A. today.

FYI, six days until Dan Patrick comes back to radio.  If a guy does a show but no one is there to listen, did he really do a show?

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3 Comments on “A VIEW FROM THE COUCH”

  1. petemitchell Says:

    John Madden was classic, telling the viewers last night that if he was coaching the Bears, he would try to take away Owens and Witten. Really? They had a combined 225 yards receiving. Any thoughts on HOW to take them away? What’s next, telling a guy he should really try to bang Jessica Alba? How about telling me HOW to make that happen! Then again, it could be worse. It could be Ketih Olbermann.

  2. billymac49 Says:

    I’m sorry, what ??? (times 5). 🙂

  3. billymac49 Says:

    At least Tirico won’t have Pauly Shore’s dad telling stories about opening for Elvis for two hours …. lol.

    Sorry, cheap shot. 🙂

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