We got this yesterday from our FoxSportsRadio snitch and Radio-Online confirms it that DP will form a nasty duo with Jim Rome for Premiere Radio Networks. The new Patrick show starts on 10/1 and will lead into Rome from 9a-Noon ET.

Expect Premiere/FoxSportsRadio to strong-arm as many stations as possible to carry Patrick’s launch.

Patrick may have a real soft launch since most stations can’t make a move like this without waiting 60-90 days.

DP says this on his blog at DanPatrick.com

So here it is. I’m proud to let you know that ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ will return Monday morning October 1st. We’ll be live from 9a-Noon ET…6a-9a PT on a station near you. We’ll have more info at danpatrick.com leading up to the launch about station specifics.

Thanks to all of you that checked out the site and the blog over the past two months. I can’t wait to get back on the air. Talk to you Monday.

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  1. Los Angeles has already bumped its morning sports show to make way for Dan Patrick on Monday. The hosts (Fred Roggin, T.J. Simers, and Tracy Simers) always noted that their show could be off the air after December 2007; it just turns out their show will end a little earlier than expected. (They may still be getting paid.)

  2. billymac49 Says:

    Can’t we move Patrick’s show to the slot after Jim Rome ????
    There’s nothing going on there now. 🙂

  3. BenMaller Says:

    Dan Patrick has bad hair. I give him three months and he’ll be on all of those stations that the current Fox Sports morning show is on….that’s right, all 12 of them.

  4. Armand Nava Says:

    I’m glad TJ Simers is off the air — he was such a disruptive element on Squared. Tracy and Fred tried their best to keep the show on a steady foot. TJ’s act get’s old quick — I hope that soon the Times will tire of him, too.
    I will miss Rogin and Ms. Simers — but I welcome Dan Patrick!

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