We spoke about this on Wednesday. Philadelphia fans are worthless and there’s no sense in wasting a winner on that town. The fans love negativity and are happier when they’re losing.  


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5 Comments on “DOWN 2-0, PHILLY FANS ARE ELATED”

  1. Marty Says:

    Easy there steve. You still have to win 3 games not 2. I have faith, though alittle less now than in the morning. We don’t think were jinxed by some curse, goat, cat, or a ball missed by a shortstop! Lester Munson is an attorney? Please choke Bartman, I would love to take your money you jackass! By the way I’m Very, Very innocent!

    Signed nfl teams who play in new jersey, & championship parades in the parking lot!!!

  2. bandini Says:

    another fake radio host like andrew siciliano.

  3. Johnny P Says:

    For the record, I live an hour from Philly in PA. Go there all the time. Not the weorst sports town, but legit critisicm. That’s all well and good, I understand there’s a divide between here and the west coast and it may come off negative. I’d submitt New York, who exhibits the same things, but doesn’t get the same crit., but that’s another story.

    Only thiing I really wanna argie is Angelo Cat-whatever being this legendary radio host or even a big deal. He’s not. He’s on a well known/”famous” sprts station, that’s true. But he himself has never been a force in morning drive or respected source of opinion/fact within Philly sports fan circles. Stern was #1 in the morning here for years, same as Vegas.

  4. John Says:

    I listened to this rant. What a fraud.

  5. Joey Merlino Says:

    Using Angelo Cataldi is weak. Everything about him is fake and forced just like Las Vegas and your radio show.

    What do you know about Philly? I bet you get Cheesesteaks at Jim’s Steaks or even worse Pat’s or Geno’s.

    I spent equal time at Philly and NY games and NY’ers are far worse. Philly fans are just championship starved. Iv’e seen Joe Torre beaned by batteries during a winning year with the Yankees. Nothing like this in Philly. And don’t bring up the “Snow Ball Santa Claus” story because it’s false and weak.

    Your title says they are down 2-0 wouldn’t that be 0-2.

    If you ever com to philly, just remember Joey is lookin for ya. This ain’t the Vegas.

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