TBS/TNT trail 0-2 in all series


TNT.  Try Next Time. 

TBS. This Broadcast Sucks.

The postseason baseball coverage on the sister networks aren’t off to a great start in terms of the announcers performance.  While Skip Caray questioned the decision to be left off the post-season roster of announcers (he’s the Tim Wakefield of announcers) and came across as self-obsessed, narcissistic and jealous (VERY uncommon in the broadcast industry), he may have been on to something. 

Since I currently have a job, I have been unable to enjoy the daytime broadcasts of the Phillies-Rockies series.  I am only able to follow the action online in real time (thank you cbs.sportsline.com) and if the broadcasts are any indication, then I’m making the right choice.

The first question I have is, why did TNT/TBS assign Bob Brenly any series other than the Cubs-D’Backs?  For those who don’t know, Brenly calls the Cubs during the regular season and he managed the Diamondbacks.  So, why assign him to the American League?  All I know is if I’m looking for a babysitter on a Saturday night, why not call Super Nanny and pass on Britney?

Dick Stockton is struggling.  I won’t comment on the makeup and hair looking like he’s more ready for a casket than the NLDS, that would be a cheap shot. 

Mr. Stockton might want to go back to football this weekend and stay there.  In Game One, Stockton identified Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez as Rodrigo Ramirez.  Ouch.  He mispronounced third base coach Mike Quade (pronounced Kwad-ee, not like actor Dennis).  OK, is it nitpicking?  Perhaps, but I’m assuming Stockton would pronounce an offensive coordinator’s name correctly.  Why? Because he calls football all year long. 

Brenly doesn’t make those two mistakes.  In Game Two, Doug Davis at the plate.  Ted Lilly on the mound, Derrek Lee sneaking in from first and Ramirez in from third when Davis squares to bunt.  The bunt goes down towards the pitcher, slightly to the left, under Lilly’s glove, picked up by Ramirez.  Stockton’s call?  (Crowd noise, bunt, Lilly whiffs on the play)  “LEE!!!!!”  Then a scramble to talk about (Mark) DeRosa covering first, Ramirez with the play. 

You get the idea. 

Lee had nothing to do with the play.  I actually thought there was a flashback to the early D’Backs days and Travis Lee was a pinch hitter and bunted.  By the way, I’m still waiting on Ron Darling to give me HIS opinion of the Piniella pulling of Big Z after six innings in Game One.


Bob Brenly is solid but I still think he’d be better suited covering an NL Series.  He’s seeing some of the Yankees and Indians for the first time this season. Tony Gwynn hasn’t met a player he hasn’t defended.  Wang was terrible last night.  And yes, Tony, you can give the Indians credit for hitting his non-sinking sinker.  Absolutely.  But some blame has to be given to the pitcher for not stepping up in a big spot. 

As for Chip Caray, well, he remains Mr. Positive.  When a graphic was displayed showing the difference between the Indians bullpen of 2006 (a major disaster) and the bullpen of (2007, statistically much better in terms of the number of total saves) Caray described closer Joe Borowski’s season as “Magnificent!’  The stats that didn’t appear, 77 hits allowed in 65 2/3 innings, a 5.07 ERA, 45 saves and an AL-leading 8 blown saves.  Hardly magnificent.

One final note, during the eight minutes when TNT started airing the Cubs-D’Backs game, how many complaints did the network receive when they pre-empted A Time To Kill during a dramatic court scene?  

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