On Wednesday, there was a book signing event to celebrate the release of Zambrano’s biography, The Big Z: The Carlos Zambrano Story. While the fine folks at Triumph Books came up with the very creative title, mrsunshine has received a list of alternate book titles considered for the release, along with the book’s suggested co-author.

1. “If I Would’ve pitched Game Four, Here’s How I Would’ve Done It” with O.J. Simpson.

2. “Slaughterhouse Best Of Five” with Kurt Vonnegut.

3. “A Good Six Walks (in three innings) Spoiled” with John Feinstein.

4. “Plenty of Time To Kill…a detailed look at October, 2007” with John Grisham.

5. “Twenty Thousand Excuses Under The Z” with Jules Verne.

6. “Hit The Catcher In The Eye…my life with Michael Barrett” with J.D. Salinger.

7. “Invisible Men…how Soriano, A-Ram and D-Lee appeared in the NLDS” with Ralph Ellison.

8. “The Great Fatsy” with F. Scott Fitzgerald.

9. “A Farewell To my Arm…how Dusty Baker helped blow my arm out by age 30” with Ernest Hemmingway.

10. “The Lord Of No Rings” with J.R.R. Tolkien.

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  1. The Lord of No Rings…holy crap that was funny.

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