Bill Madden, what’s the story? He was 100% wrong a year ago with his “Joe Torre Fired Scoop” and now he has flip-flopped the past two days on the status Torre in the New York Daily News. Bill, it’s OK to not have the scoop. 


I don’t think anyone knows yet, so please, STOP GUESSING!!!

 Bill Madden  

Oct 10, 2006 – George bides Torre’s time
Sam Borden & Bill Madden – New York Daily News

George Steinbrenner headed back to Tampa last night to mull over whether Joe Torre will return as Yankees manager next season.
Sources told the Daily News over the weekend that Steinbrenner was planning to remove Torre in the wake of the Yanks’ humiliating first-round loss to the Tigers, and it appears that is still the most likely scenario.


Bill Madden

Tuesday, October 9th 2007, 4:01 AM

Barring an act of God such as a swarm of bugs flying into and clogging up the mechanism of George Steinbrenner’s guillotine, Joe Torre managed his last game for the Yankees last night.

  Bill Madden

Thursday, October 11th 2007, 8:38 AM  

The longer George Steinbrenner & Co. prolong this latest Joe Torre watch, the more I’m convinced The Boss is having trouble reconciling the reason he wants to change managers.

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  1. Bill loves being the town crier. I guess he figures that by sheer luck he’s bound to get it right at least once and then he can wear that on his lapel for the next 20 years. And shame on the Yanks for milking this thing.

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