What about the game?

Major networks guilty of neglecting on-field action

That was the headline for this week’s Dr. Z’s column on the rapidly deteriorating si.com. As usual, Dr. Z fails to sum up his feelings in a concise sentence or two, so it is difficult to re-cap. Read the column here 

Suffice it to say, the headline says it all, as Dr. Z. takes shots at MNF and FOX for concentrating on things outside of the game. Does Dr. Z ever check out his own website? 

Does he not remember the weekly “She Says, Z Says” video?   Now, I’m not complaining about watching the gorgeous Brooklyn Decker, but it is extremely hypocritical for Dr. Z. to call out the TV networks for taking a diversion from hard core football coverage.

As you will see in the video, Decker and the Pecker…oops, I mean Z, go head to head on five NFL matchups. The video shows Decker playing with a miniature kicker, trying to goof off during the picks, exactly what you’d expect her to do. Funny and nice to look at. No complaints. 




The game breakdown is hardly intense. Perhaps Dr. Z. should look in the mirror before chastising other media members. By the way, Dr. Z. posted an outstanding 2-3 record straight up, not against the number.  

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