White called out Fedor’s management team saying they didn’t give a shit about the fighter.  He’s done deals with the biggest free agents in the sport and rarely had trouble. He calls the manager an f**king liar.


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  1. eric Says:

    ATTN: Dana White

    You need Fedor. He does not need or give a crap about the UFC. Stop acting like a baby.

  2. Moolz Says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with that interview. Yes, Dana is brash, Yeah he maybe a bit cocky but he’s cock sure, he’s a business man and he knows what he’s talking about. Talk like Dana’s doesn’t fall pleasantly on the ears of simpletons who have no idea what a business runs like or even how to work a management position.

    Dana may not have a pleasant way of getting across to the fans that listen but you can’t discount that he runs a very good business and promotion. He’s a mover and a shaker and the he’s brought the UFC this far. Despite not acquiring Fedor and losing Randy, he’s nailed everything else and in that spectrum things will work out fine and the UFC will be fine.

  3. Jim Says:

    WHAT? They need Fedor? Nuts to that! He can go fight in his little worthless promotion! Fedor alone can not get people to buy a ppv. He proved it fighting for bodog (another worthless promotion with little to no true talent)! He needs the ufc before people forget his sorry ass exists. It was one thing when he was fighting for pride (people cared about pride and pride had talent). But know hes with a little russian outfit fighting for a promotion part owned by his manager (must be nice to only have to book fights you know you can win). I can’t wait till M1 goes under and Fedor is either forgotten or singed to the UFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jjdnb Says:

    Dana is a douche bag, plain and simple. He always talks about how boxing “died out” but its funny that he is an ex-boxer and his shady practices and tactics are very simular to boxing.

  5. Prophet Says:

    After listining to this interview, it’s easy to realize how difficult it is to deal with Dana White.

    Brock Lesnar is a major signing? Sorry Dana, this isnt “rasslin”. He may be a great physical specimen, but by no means is he a proven MMA fighter.

    Fedor doesnt sign long term agreements, and thats his choice. He is the number one ranked MMA fighter. It sounds like his management is looking out for their fighters best interests, instead of YOUR best interests.

    The only reason Fedor is not with the UFC is Dana White, and his my way or the highway attitude..

    To bad that over hyped Tito Ortiz Vs. Dana White fight bullcrap didnt happen. It would have been nice to see someone slap you around, and knock some sense into you.

    Hopefully Lorenzo and Frank will replace you soon. I would suggest they give your job to Randy Couture, so then the real stars of MMA, “the fighters”, will be treated with the respect they deserve.

  6. rob Says:

    After listening to Dana’s audio clip, he seems very keen and right on the bulls-eye. Boxing got took over by the all mighty dollar. It turned from seeking talent to who is best at building up an event and selling the most commercials and tickets etc. Look how long it took to wait for a good fight, months sometimes swinging up to and over a year! UFC fans get a good fight every month, sometimes a great fight! Good call Dana! Good job for not buckling under to the idiots that couldn’t poor water out of a boot without instructions on the heel. Dana is the glue that’s keeping everything together with the UFC. Okay, so Randy, and his wife, said it wasn’t about the money, hmm, okay, then why leave? He said it’s because he wasn’t respected? So it’s not money, but ego? Notice which person says “Me” or “I” the most times and then figure out who’s being narcissistic. If Randy is so smart then why isn’t it about the money instead of the respect? It is about the money, it has to be, because it’s ALWAYS about the money. Why, because you can’t buy a piece of gum with respect. It’s not the UFC’s job to coddle fighters that’s the manager’s job.

  7. Kick Dana in the balls Says:

    Facts of life:
    1) I know more female Dana(s) than male Dana(s)
    2) Fedor beat UFC’s current #1 “Nog” 2 times….easily. Unofficially 3 times.
    3) Dana talks trash to run a business. He is a turd.

    UFC is no longer about the best fighter but about the marketing and the $$$. Offering a UFC contract to Fedor that won’t let him compete in Sambo? Stupid. Talking trash and saying he is nothing? Stupid. Fedor hasn’t anything to prove. He was Pride #1 without dispute….. the only challenge he would have had was to fight 2 guys at once.

  8. Mike M Says:

    Dana White is arrogant, stupid, and brash, but he is the best promoter and business owner in the MMA circuit.

    However, Fedor does not need the UFC and its strict company loyalty policy which would ban Fedor from competing in Sambo competitions. Fedor is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. Nobody in the UFC will even step into the cage with Fedor after looking at his past record: he destroyed Nogueira 2 times and an unofficial third time. He beat Mirko Cro Cop, TK, Mark Coleman (2x), Heath Herring, Renato Sobral, Semmy Schilt, Gary Goodridge, and Kevin Randleman. There isn’t a single heavyweight in the UFC who could last the distance with Fedor, let alone beat him.

  9. Carlass Says:

    Dana WANTS Fedor! how can anyone argue that? Fedor is one of the biggest names in MMA! the only reason why people dont know the name FEDOR EMELIANENKO is because he is not in the UFC and he wasnt 3x’s heavyweight champ and 2x’s light heavyweight champ…like Randy Couture! But people have to realize that Couture was champ so many times because he lost the title many times or decided to go to different organizations where he would get beat! Emelianenko has won 2 heavyweight tournaments, 1 open weight tournament, and has won the PRIDE heavyweight title (with out losing it once) and has yet to be beat “fair and square!” Plus, fedor has won many sambo and judo tournaments! He has beat every kind of fighter: wrestlers, judo (olympic) medalists, jiu jitsu legends, kickboxers, gigantic freaks and anything thats been thrown at him!

  10. HeatoN Says:


    M-1 is Gona Win in da world.
    GO FeDoR-GoD

  11. Henrik P Says:

    Fedor vs Tim Silva, need i say more..

    Fedor is back and you were wrong Dana, cause Fedor is still the best MMA fighter out there.

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