Did you hold this tele-conference at same time as Couture’s presser to him screw over?


How much time did Randy have left on his contract & does he have to be part of UFC to fight again?

White doesn’t believe Couture is going anywhere else. He’s simply pissed and they will make up soon.

Is Couture still the UFC HWT champ?

White says, I’m his little bitch

White talks about side issues but reiterates that Randy is the best and Fedor sucks

Will you give Randy pretty much anything he wants if he comes back to UFC?

White not surprised it’s gone down like this because Couture’s agent is low brow

White reiterates why hates all the money talk in MMA

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  2. tsos20 Says:

    Couture should stay retired. He has nothing to prove. The win over Sylvia was the crowning achievemant, of a great career. He’s well over 40; time to move on. He can be an action movie star, like The Rock.
    The Sultan on Sports


  3. jjdnb Says:

    no he needs to fight Fedor. He needs to fight Fedor!
    Hope Dana gets his head out of his ass and gets this fight done!

  4. BroMan Says:

    Dana White is a great business man but the guy ineeds to learn some tact. His blunt, fuck you attitude will not help the proliferation of the sport, especially if he’s going to make childish comments like ‘Fedor sucks’. Even if Fedor would get beaten by Couture, if you want people to take you seriously as well as the sport you are trying so hard to get accepted and sponsored by Fortune Five Hundred companies, you don’t dog a top talent and say that he sucks. It’s just classless and averting.

  5. nikola Says:

    dana white is a stupid businessman

  6. nikola Says:

    dana white shoud wach his language vhen hi speak.

  7. […] about "Fedor sucks" blah blah blah. Not sure where to find any of the other stuff. DANA WHITE UPDATES THE RANDY COUTURE SITUATION Mr. Sunshine […]

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