I’m 100 years old so I still enjoy hearing a well-called NFL game on the radio. The great play-by-play men can capture the great moments with ease.

There are still some tremendous voices who call games in local markets around the NFL.

And then there is Denver’s Dave Logan and Minnesota’s Paul Allen.


These guys are homers through and through. So much so that have a penchant for ruining great moments as they choose to cry in their beer on a play that goes against “their” team.

Logan produced another embarassing call to close the great MNF game. Brett Favre turns in an unreal finish and most listeners probably had no idea what the hell just happened. He even failed to capture the drama of the Broncos game-tying FG at the end of regulation.


Allen may be worse. Anytime the Vikings struggle, he becomes barely audible on the air. Listen to him turn into Suzyn Waldman-light as the Vikes faced defeat against the Eagles.

What’s their excuse? Their teams are struggling? So the f**k what?

The Jets stink every week and had another dud this weekend against the Bills. Does Jets voice Bob Wischusen turn into a big baby? He described a great play by Lee Evans and told you exactly how exciting the play was.

Greg Papa is one of the best. The Raiders are lucky to have the guy. Oakland has been horrific recently. Mike Williams blew it for the Raiders in the final two minutes against Tennessee. But instead of sulking like a pussy in the booth, Papa was fired up and expressed what most Raider fans were feeling.

It’s time for the Executive Producers on the Bronco and Vikes radio networks to grow some stones. Tell Logan and Allen that they’re embarrassing themselves and cheating listeners.

Thanks to KOA, KFAN, WESN & KSFO for the audio.  

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  1. eric Says:

    I almost fell over in my chair when I heard that hilarious call of Favre’s touchdown.

  2. pat goodsell Says:

    before you start talking about paul allen not having any energy, you should hear the sound bite of the vikings losing to the cardinals knocking them out of the playoffs. He even gets crap from fans in the minnesota area about getting pumped up from good plays by the opposing team. Even if he does trail off sometimes, we as viking fans feel the pain with him. I would rather hear his disappointment than excitement for the opposing teams plays.

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