I haven’t heard the new Patrick Show (no affiliate in Las Vegas will waste the air time) but I can only imagine what it sounds like. He is not strong enough to survive as a solo host and doesn’t have the work ethic to do the necessary show prep.

As we predicted back when Patrick first announced he was leaving ESPN, the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere.


If you recall, The Fabulous Sports Babe bolted from ESPNRadio back in 2000, and had a very difficult time finding affiliates at her new home SportsFan Radio Network. Without a huge phone call load, Babe generally did 5-6 guests per three hour show.

She did have one advantage, Patrick may not. Babe was still able to use many of the “insiders” from ESPN. ESPN now has a policy restricting their TV, magazine and .com insiders from appearing on non-ESPNRadio stations.

How loyal are Patrick’s staple ESPN guests/insiders?

We also have to see if programmers even want the Patrick Show. Was it carried out of necessity to fulfill ESPN’s demands or do program directors believe he does a great show? And will listeners demand they get their Patrick?

 Sports By Brooks is hearing rumors that Patrick’s biggest affiliate is ready to dump to show based on it’s awful quality.  

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  1. petemitchell Says:

    DP is marginal without the lack of support of the 400 lb gorilla. The Herd is better in that time slot and Bruno is the best. The big question is why the genuises that signed him decided to move time slots. Ego? Running away from Rome? Kind of shows you that the show wasn’t that good in the first place if it can’t be syndicated as a standalone show. if DP was 1-4 solo or with SNR, he would have a much more solid station base. Tirico is good for TV, horrible for radio. So boring. he backs off any semi-controversial topics…and let’s be honest, the law firm of Tafoya-van pelt-herbstreit aren’t really bringing up really controversial topics. Tirico has had such amazing show topics such as “If you could be an athlete for Halloween, who would you be>” WOW. Good stuff. DP could take this challenge head-on but I guess he’s afraid of competing against the ESPn brand and Rome. DP in West Coast morning drive is terrible. he has a shot with East Coast middays but would have been much better off in his old slot. But, the genuises at the Content Factory must know what they’re doing, haivng him tape delayed in a few top 10 markets and soon-to-be cancelled LA.

  2. […] but offers nothing much substantial than rumor. Still, take a look if you desire. We did find a third blog review (site’s banner may not be work safe) that dislikes the show, but since they admit they […]

  3. Marty Says:

    Steve come on, at least listen to it before you make that call. The brains that took your show from 12-2 are a prime example. I used to listen to you & pig even though I liked Don & Mike more in that slot. Espn rules sports radio nationwide, NHL any questions. The NHL went off tv & now there nowhere on the ratings map. But I don’t give a **** about that I still like it. Imus was fired, now back, Steven A, supposedly graduated college, does he really speak that way? What an act! Cofield keep up the good work; just get a podcast so I can freakin listen to it when I can! Pig : hitler vs coulter still some of the best radio I have ever heard! Why can’t I vote online again?

    Mr Bee

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