As you will see in the details below, many of the country’s top Program Directors and market decision-makers have decided that the best programming option for their late night lineup will include Dan Patrick, tape delayed from twelve or more hours earlier.  Clearly, the Content Factory must be thrilled that Patrick’s talents and name value
can attract top affiliations in the same time slot as JT The Brick, ESPN Game Night and Todd Wright.  Let’s take a look at the tale of the tape.

Dan Patrick’s landing in Dallas, San Fran, Atlanta, and nearly 20 other Cumulus markets.

Some of those stations – like “Ticket” KTCK in Dallas – have been traditionally very resistant to using syndicated programming, so it’s a nice score for the Chicago-based Content Factory. Speaking of “score” – Content Factory managing partner Chris Crane will now be able to announce that Patrick’s daily show has been signed to CBS Radio’s WSCR there in Chicago.

That’s been a rumor for several weeks, but it’s being announced soon. (Will that be on a delayed basis, clearing in the evening?) There are some other non-Cumulus affiliates that will be confirmed: Greater Media’s WPEN, Philadelphia
and Clear Channel’s KBME, Houston. The Cumulus group deal covers more than 20 markets, including the San Francisco “Ticket.”

Plus the Dickey Brothers-owned WCNN, Atlanta.

That should put the Patrick syndication’s up to 61 stations and eight of the top 10 markets. Now – they wait to see the ratings and the revenue.

Market         Previous Clearance             New Clearance
New York     ESPN 1050 -live                 None
Los Angeles ESPN 710   -live                  AM 570 
Chicago       ESPN 1000- live                  WSCR – tape delay 10pm-1am
Dallas          ESPN 103.3 FM-live           The Ticket-tape delay TBA
Houston       KBME 790 – live                 KBME 790 -tape delay
Philadelphia  none                                  Sports Radio 950 -tape delay

Atlanta         WCNN AM 680 -live            WCNN AM 680 – TBA

I’m not a ratings genuis, but I think it’s safe to say the new clearances of the program will deliver only a fraction of the audience that the forced clearances on the owned and operated world wide leader stations delivered. 

But, major market clearances look good in a press release! 

The real losers? The local station and listeners.  The winners? Competitors in the market and XM and Sirius who will continue to deliver live programming in the late night time slot.

Do you think listeners in Chicago will be listening to Dan interview Reggie Miller on tape delay from noon or Bulls post-game reaction, White Sox trade talk and the Bears QB situation? 

Will fans in Philly listen to Dan’s interview with D.L. Hughley on tape delay or reaction to the Brad Lidge trade? 

How about in Dallas?  Will the Ticket maintain its dominant audience by running Tom Verducci on tape or a breakdown of Cowboys-Giants with caller interaction?

Programming is subjective, that’s fine. 

Is The Dan Patrick Show great? Not in my opinion. Is it awful? Not in my opinion. 

If a Program Director thinks the show is the best option for the radio station, that’s great, put it on.  But what kind of message does it send by saying “The show isn’t good enough to put on live like it used to be but it is good enought to run late night?”  The show is either good or it isn’t good. Or most PD’s are being forced to do something they know makes no sense!

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  2. Brad James Says:

    Here in Utah, we’re fortuitous as KALL-AM 700 carries Dan Patrick’s show live before Jim Rome. I think his analysis is excellent and it’s refreshing to hear him because he knows sports and has some fresh takes. Nevertheless, if there’s one criticism, he should have somebody else besides Reggie Miller to discuss the NBA with from time to time. Reggie does a good job, but I’d like it if someone asked Greg Anthony’s opinion on matters periodically. By the way, what happened to Greg anyway?

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