College sports information directors often play the role of fire fighter.

When controversy arises, they have to stand out front and spread lies to cover up. Louisville b-ball SID Kenny Klein attacked Las Vegas gossip columnist Norm Clarke and got caught lying while doing so.

According to Norm, Cardinal forward Juan Palacios was hanging out at the Luxor’s LAX on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. The issue at hand is whether Palacios was taking advantage of bottle service purchased by the Louisville’s director of basketball operations.

Remember Rick Majerus bought his Utah kids meals and the Utes were placed on three years probation. This from CBSSports.com back on 1/28/04:

Utah was placed on three years’ probation by the NCAA last summer after an investigation confirmed several minor violations, including meals Majerus bought during meetings with players. The NCAA rule has been changed to allow for such meals as long as each one is documented.

And if there is no issue with who was purchasing drinks for the 22-year old, why such a vehement denial from Klein?   

Looks like they chose the wrong journalist to call out.  

This from Monday’s Las Vegas Review Journal:

Kenny Klein, the school’s sports information director, called it a “completely erroneous report” and added, “we have people crying for lawsuits.”

Klein confirmed that first-year assistant coach Walter McCarty, a former NBA pro, was at LAX nightclub at Luxor late Wednesday/early Thursday, but he was by himself and “had a drink there.”

Louisville defeated UNLV 68-48 earlier Wednesday night.

However, McCarty was not with players and he was not drinking Patron tequila and Veuve Clicquot champagne, the spirits mentioned in the sightings item, Klein said.

“Bottom line, I know they got cameras all over those casinos and pictures don’t lie. I guarantee you that there’s none of our players in that casino at that time,” Klein said Friday.

He’s right about photos not lying. We checked and found Louisville player Juan Palacios among the photos posted on the local nightclub Web site, Napkinnights.com.

Our sources say McCarty and Palacios were in the LAX nightclub’s VIP section early Thursday with several male friends, including a young white man who appeared to be a seven-footer. Palacios, 22, is injured and has not played this year. Sixth-ranked Louisville lost to unranked Brigham Young University on Friday, 78-76.

A bottle of $400 Patron was charged to an Eric Scott’s credit card, I’m told, and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, which goes for about $300, was paid for in cash.

The school’s basketball media guide lists an Eric Scott as director of basketball operations.



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