The media is under heavy criticism for the coverage of the Sean Taylor tragedy in the days immediately following his death. Taylor’s friends and family think it was unfair to trot out the 24-year old criminal history the day he died.

One of the things that I hope comes out of this tragedy is that the media get a small lesson in grace and humility,” said Florida City mayor Otis Wallace, a friend of the Taylor family. “For those who took the liberty of recklessly speculating that this young man’s death was caused by the way he lived, all I can say is they should be ashamed.”

I went into full Law & Order mode on the Mr. Sunshine Show on Tuesday on FoxSportsRadio1460. Examining the early evidence and stating it was possible that the shooting wasn’t random. It could’ve been someone from his past exacting revenge. It appears now the story was somewhere in the middle. The suspects did know Taylor but weren’t in his house with the goal of murdering him. We simply gave out the facts and made sure to mention on multiple occasions…this was a tragedy and he absolutely did not deserve this fate.

The Washington Post and columnist Leonard Shapiro, well their approach was a lot more extreme with this headline…

“Taylor’s Death Is Tragic but Not Surprising” 

 Excerpts from Shapiro’s story:

At the moment, it is far too soon to draw any conclusions as to how or why this tragedy occurred, why another young black man is now dead from a gunshot wound in his own home, why another athlete, Michael Vick, Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, and now Sean Taylor becomes headline news for all the wrong reasons.

Boy, this looks like a slight rush to judgement. The circumstances of Taylor’s death don’t resemble in anyway the filthy ways of Vick, Jones and Johnson.

More from Shapiro:

Still, could anyone honestly say they never saw this coming? You’d have to be blind not to consider Taylor’s checkered past.

 Wow, this looks awful now that more of the facts are coming out. Taylor did nothing to court his murder.

I just wonder what kind of s**tstorm the Washington Post would be dealing with if they wrote the same sort of headline/story involving a Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian rape — 


Afterall, both “celebs” have made and profited from their own pornographic DVD’s. Couldn’t we draw the conclusion that with their lack of moral fiber they deserved to be raped?

That premise is ridiculous considering the Taylor scenario involved a black athlete and the hypothetical Hilton/Kardashian story revolves around white women.

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  1. Fred Says:

    I don’t know why people have this need to speculate at all before the facts come out. Rampage speculated that the 911 response was slow. Obviously, that was grade A bullshit. Leonard Shaprio, in saying that Sean Taylor’s death was not surprising, assumes some kind of knowledge that doesn’t bear out. One fact that is scarcely reported is that Sean Taylor’s dad was the police chief in Miami, and that, by all appearances, Sean was raised to stay on the right side of the law.

    If we’ve learned anything from the death, it is that you have to be careful about your associations–especially when you’re wealthy. Maintaining ties to people from the old neighborhood can be costly. It’s much better to dump most of them; don’t let them around your house, etc.

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