ESPN 920

Steve Kim from joined Cofield for the first 90 minutes. Lots of issues were addressed. Was Ricky Hatton ever in this fight? The HBO broadcasters thought it was a close fight, were they insane? Has Floyd Mayweather really accomplished much in beating Ricky Hatton and Oscar DelaHoya? Is he the undisputed pound-for-pound champ? Tons of Vegas callers phoned in with their takes.

PART I:   

More calls in this segment of the show. The guys also addressed the behavior of the British fans. Is it a big deal that they booed the U.S. national anthem?


More calls here and a caller addresses the difference between racism & bigotry.  


Cofield turned his attention to the other Vegas fight card, the TUF 6 Finale at the Palms. Adam Hill, Las Vegas Review Journal, joined Yahoo’s Kevin Iole to break things down. Iole also updated us on the status of UFC lightweight champ Sean Sherk and his title belt.


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  1. Marty Says:

    It was unusual that Harold Letterman had the fight pretty even, when the judges were so one sided? Hatton can sell tickets, you would be a fool not to go to england & fight in front of 90,000 people + the exchage rate is 2-1. Straight cash homey!

  2. The Saint Says:

    Larry Merchant and Jim Lampley are two of the most biased commentators I’ve ever seen. Oh yeah, and Emanuel Steward also. They stick to their guy no matter what happens. When they were rooting for De La Hoya against Hopkins, all they could talk about was how well Oscar was doing considering the circumstances. It was the same thing when DLH was getting boxed from pillar to post by Mayweather, all HBO could talk about was how well Oscar was doing, considering the circumstances. I’ve never heard a commentating team celebrate so many blocked punches as HBO did whenever DLH successfully blocked a Mayweather punch. The same thing with the Mayweather-Hatton mismatch. I guess if you’re HBO, you can forget about objective journalism.

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