The Trentonian is a sleeping giant amongst newspapers. The headline writers put the New York Post and Daily News to shame. The Clemens line doesn’t even come close to this one…On July 10, the paper ran a story about a fire at a state psychiatric hospital. The accompanying headline read, “Roasted Nuts.”

I hate looking at my home state’s news stories. Without even looking, here comes the top two stories. Everyday you shake your head, typical New Jersey. 

Report: Former Newark mayor billed adult movies to city  

BREAKING NEWS: Source: Woman had consensual sex with 5 troopers

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  1. Clemens isn’t the only one who took it in the butt…Yankee fans won’t be able to sit down for a month…

  2. Carlos Says:

    Hey Roger remember when you had tim johnson fired because he told lies about vietnam. Where’s the Karma!!! They all took it & I don’t care! Greg Anderson is a friend I would love to have. Cito Gaston no other MLB job, what a joke.

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